Anger is an extreme emotion that we all experience. Anger may be felt because of irritability, frustration, sadness, internal restlessness, etc. It may also occur as a response to a perceived threat. Unheard feelings or lack of appreciation from your boss can also lead to anger. Also Read - Angry Salman Khan Snatches Phone of Fan Who Tries to Click Selfie With Him at Goa Airport - Viral Video

You let out your anger by yelling, shouting, or throwing things around you. Sometimes, pent-up anger makes you behave extremely inappropriately and that may cost you big. When you don’t get time or opportunity to express your feelings for a longer duration, it develops into anger. Also, an extremely busy lifestyle, tight deadlines, and a toxic boss can constantly keep you on edge and your emotions may gradually get bottled up. Also Read - Mangaluru Bomb Planter Suspect Was Angry as Airport Didin't Give Job

Getting angry can be bad for you only. It can cause various health issues like headaches, depression, heart attack, insomnia, abdominal pain, high blood pressure, etc. But how can you stay away from these problems? We can’t ask you not to be angry. It is almost impossible to not feel a certain emotion. So, all you can do is to release your anger in a productive way without actually shouting. Here is how you can do this: Also Read - Year Ender 2019: From 'Land Kara De', 'Onion Price' to 'Angry Pakistan Fan', Here's Top Viral Memes That Broke The Internet This Year

Pen it down

It is one of the best and healthiest ways to release your anger or any other extreme emotion. Jotting down your emotions or feelings on a paper can help you come back in a good frame of mind and understand your situation better. Additionally, it can help you in knowing the cause behind your anger and frustration. This way, you can try to stay away from the triggering factors.


When your emotions go out of control and you feel like releasing them, nothing can be better than hitting a gym for workout or cycling, running, or any other physical activity. Doing this will help you release your anger and you won’t feel the need to shout anymore. When you indulge in any kind of heart-racing exercise, your mind gets distracted and you feel calmer.

Take help of calming affirmation

Repeating calming affirmations help you stay in peace and handle a situation well. So, whenever you feel angry, you can repeat statements like, “This too shall pass”, “I am stronger than my emotions”, and “I will be okay.”