Breakups are quite painful can make you feel depressed for long. Going through a breakup can bring various emotions that can be overwhelming. Not everyone can get over this sad phase easily and succumb to it by committing suicide. And, that’s the worst thing you can do to yourself. Moving ahead and being happy should not be that hard. Somebody else should not be the reason for your happiness. We understand that forgetting a person whom you loved a lot hurts but the depressing phase should not continue life long. It should not feel like the end of the world for you. This should be perceived as a sign that you deserve someone better. Your mental and physical health should be your priority. And, anything that’s affecting them should be flushed away from your life. So, it is important to get over your past and welcome present with an open heart. Here is how you can do that. Also Read - Common Relationship Mistakes You Commit as Per Your Zodiac Sign

Do Not Call Your ex

Once your relationship is over, you should break all ties or communication with your partner. Do not ever call or text him again. This is important for you to get over him and your past relationship. If you keep talking to your ex, you won’t be able to come to terms with your breakup and will keep false hope of getting back together, which is not good. That’s why do not fall for the urge to communicate with your ex. Also Read - Here is How to Improve Your Relationship And Bring Excitement in Your Romantic Life

Get a Closure

No matter what’s the reason behind your breakup, you must get a closure. This is important for your mental health. A closure ritual can send a clear signal to your brain that the relationship is over and things cannot be back to normal again. If you did not get closure from your partner, get it yourself by writing a letter in which you need to put all your emotions. Read the letter aloud and then, tear it apart. Believe us, it will make you feel lighter and better. Also Read - Signs That Show, Your Relationship is Going Strong And Has a Long-Lasting Future

Do Away With Everything That Reminds You of Your ex

Things hold memories. That’s why when you touch your partner’s belongings, you feel a sense of being close to him. To get over your breakup, it is necessary to get rid of all such things like love letters, gifts, clothes etc.