Breastfeeding is essential for the good health and survival of a newborn. It is considered as the ideal food for infants because breast milk contains antibodies that protect children from various childhood illnesses. Properly breastfed children have been found to perform better on intelligence tests and be less likely to develop diabetes later in life. Also Read - Are You Breastfeeding? Don't Forget to Consume These Nutrients

According to WHO, “Over 820 000 children’s lives could be saved every year among children under 5 years if all children under 0 to 23 months were optimally breastfed.” This shows the significance of breastfeeding. But, it has a limit. You cannot keep on breastfeeding your child for years. You need to know when to stop and how to wean your little bundle of joy from breastfeeding. Also Read - Breastfeeding Tips That Can Make Your Life Easier

Suddenly keeping your child away from nursing can be bad for both your breasts and your child. It can cause breast discomfort, plugged ducts and painful infection of the breast tissue. It is commonly found that ladies apply sour products and chilies on their breasts to create an aversion in their children. This is not the ideal way to keep your baby from breastfeeding. The process needs to be easy and comfortable for both you and your child. Also Read - Breastfeeding Your Baby Can Help Her Fight Against Infections

You must understand that 6 months is the minimum duration till when you must breastfeed your baby. You can think of gradually wean him after that. You can start by firstly reducing the frequency of nursing. Then, start replacing a breastfeeding session by bottle feed. Once your child adjusts, you can think of dropping another breastfeeding session and replacing it with the bottle feed.

In case you are pumping, increase the duration between two sessions. Also, keep the quantity of milk less than usual. This will signal your breasts about the decreased demand for milk and hence they will start producing less.