Menopause is a part of every woman’s life that is characterised by the end of fertility. Various people consider it a disease, however, it is not. When menopause occurs, you experience symptoms like hot flashes, cognitive changes, night sweats, mood fluctuations etc. Along with these, certain other factors like irregular periods, lower fertility, and vaginal dryness show that you are going to hit this phase of life. With menopause, comes various complications like cardiovascular diseases, urinary incontinence, osteoporosis, and even breast cancer. So, it is significant to manage menopause effectively. Here we help you with some tips to do that.Also Read - Make Menopause Easier With These Tips

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Hitting menopause can potentially make you fat. And, regularly indulging in cardio exercises like jogging, swimming, and walking can help you lose weight, says a research published in the journal Menopause. Additionally, disturbed sleep and depression are also among the prominent side effects of menopause, which can be tackled through these workouts.

Strength training

various women have found to have a low density of their bone mineral. And, doing strength training on a daily basis can help you strengthen your bones and get rid of this problem. Also, bone loss and osteoporosis can be prevented through strength training.


Stress, depression, anxiety, and irritability are some of the known and prominent side-effects of menopause. and, yoga can help you get rid of these problems. According to research published in the journal Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, yoga can effectively treat psychological issues. breathing exercises that include yoga, area actually capable of flushing out all the tensions from your mind.

Household chores

Yes, you read it right. Household chores like vacuuming, dusting, and doing laundry can actually help you maintain a normal heart rate. While you indulge in these activities, various muscles of your body work together to become strong.