A pair of footwear is one of the most important parts of any look. It can instantly elevate your appearance for good and make you look stylish. Even a plain white t-shirt and denim jeans can look super elegant when paired with a pair of stunning stilettos or kitten heels. There is a myriad of options when it comes to choosing the right pair of footwear for you. But you just cannot pick any if you are a fashionista. If fashion shows interest you and Bollywood celebs’ style are something that you religiously follow, you must be a trend follower. So, here we have rounded up some of the top trending shoes for women in 2020. Let’s know about them so that you can easily shop one and flaunt.Also Read - How to Style Different Types of Jeans to Look Super-Cool?

Square Toe Boots

Square toe boots are for those who like to be dressed smartly. A pair of ankle-length or knee-high style square toe boots can instantly add a statement to your outfit. You can rock it with both, a long and a short skirt. During winters, you can pair it with a long overcoat or a blazer. Opting for a black square toe boots can work as a staple footwear and can be donned with any colour. Also Read - How to Style Sophisticated Mint Green Outfits?

Kitten Heels

If you give comfort weightage over style, a pair of kitten heels is for you. They are enough to elevate your outfit and enhance your overall look. You can opt for one to pair with a well-fitted denim or trousers. These heels can also go well with dresses. Also Read - How to Style These 3 Different Maxi Skirts And Look Sassy?

Chunky White Sneakers

Chunky white sneakers are the coolest footwear ever made. Perfect for comfort lovers, white sneakers can also make you look trendy and stylish. It is an ideal example of luxury and leisure. From a long or short skirt, to dresses to denim jeans, and sweatpants, you can pair a pair of chunky white sneakers with almost anything.