Pregnancy is a special time for women in more than one ways. The presence of thick and lustrous hair during the days of pregnancy often make women think that they will continue to have flawless hair for life. However, many women start experiencing hair fall post pregnancy. hair fall after pregnancy is a matter of great concern amongst women. It occurs due to the hormonal changes in the body, where the body strives to go back to its normal condition. It’s a difficult state to deal with but can be managed effectively with the appropriate knowledge. Dr Priyanka Sampat, head doctor, Birla Ayurveda takes a look out at the various causes of hair loss after pregnancy: Also Read - Rannvijay Singha's Wife Priyanka Pregnant With Second Child After Kainaat - Here's The Happy Post

What are the reasons of hair fall post delivery?
The rise in the estrogen levels results in the hair growth and subsequently, the drop in the level of estrogen post-delivery leads to a noticeable amount of hair fall. The commencement of a puerperium period which is defined as a stage when body tissues and hormones revert to a pre-pregnancy state anatomically and functionally marks the beginning of body recovery. It starts immediately afterwards pregnancy. Owing to the existence of doshas, a lot of changes are also been noticed. Also Read - Healthy Hair: 5 Things That Go A Long Way in Protecting Hair Fall And Regrowth

The changes in the body after the delivery lead to an enormous imbalance of the vata in the body. Consequently, the body becomes frail and a sudden vacuum is created with imbalanced dhatus. The stage is called as the recovery phase. It signifies the time when the body is working towards the recovery in the post pregnancy stage. Hence, serious causes like depression and hair loss are commonly observed amongst the women post pregnancy.
One of the intrinsic factors behind the hair fall is the low level of the snigdha guna and an upsurge in the vata. This forms dryness in the vata and thus the dry scalp. This further leads to related hair problems including hair fall and thinness of hair. Also Read - Here's Why Yoga During Pregnancy is Beneficial For Mother and Child