Saiyami Kher who made her Bollywood debut opposite Harshvardhan Kapoor in the movie Mirzya is known for her beautiful curly locks. If you have always wondered, how she and others like her who have curly mane manage to keep their curls looking bouncy and shiny, here are some secrets. Read on to know how Saiyami takes care of her curly hair and maintains them using diffusers, serum and and some other haircare routine secrets. (ALSO READ Top 10 tips to take care of your curly hair). Also Read - How To Keep Your Hair Healthy in Humidity? These Basic, Do-Able Tips Can Help

Saiyami never brushes her hair when it is dry to avoid puffy hair. She combs them gently post taking a shower. One of the important things for people with curly hair is to get the right products that suit their hair. Saiyami has been using L’Oreal absolut repair shampoo and conditioner for many years. Also, she keeps her hair tied when she is not working in order to keep her hair clean and away from the dust and pollution. Also Read - Incredible Benefits of Lemon For Skin, Hair And Nails

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Whenever Saiyami heads out, she prefers using a diffuser instead of a hair dryer. Diffuser is a really useful tool for people with curly hair as it keeps the curls intact. Hair diffusers, which are attached to the end of the hair dryers are a useful tool for people who tend to have dry, frizzy hair. But while using Saiyami keeps the heat at medium so that her hair does not get frizzy. (ALSO READ This DIY Two-Ingredient Hair Rinse is Perfect to Calm Frizzy Hair).

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Mostly she tries to keep it as natural as she can, so she only uses diffuser once in a while to avoid damaging her hair from the heat styling tools.When she steers clear of the diffuser, she uses a leave-in serum after towel drying her hair and leaves it open. Once a month she indulges in a hair spa. She does not have a dry scalp so she does not like oiling her hair, she prefers a hair spa instead.

So now we know how Saiyami manages to have the most beautiful, thick and bouncy curly hair!

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