Now that the ICC World Cup is underway, you may have planned match screenings with your friends at home and in bars and pubs. But while you are glued to the one-day matches for the entire month and more, make sure you don’t ignore your health. It is easy to get taken in by the excitement and eat and drink junk and let your sleep and fitness go for a toss. We bring you a few tips that you can follow while watching World Cup matches on TVs so that your health remains intact post this excitement-filled month.

1) Keep some healthy snacks ready at home and quickly whip them up before the matches start. You need to keep away diet sodas, fizzy drinks, packaged juices, chips, nachos, pizza and other unhealthy food. Instead you could eat roasted peanuts and chanas, chopped vegetables with hummus dips and roasted vegetable crisps with homemade dips. Do not have deep-fried and high carb foods. Have more of roasted, boiled or steamed snacks. For drinks, you could make a big batch of lemonade, kokum sherbet and make mocktails at home. Stick to homemade food and drinks as much as possible whether you are watching the matches by yourself or with your friends.

2) Keep moving while watching the matches instead of continually sitting on the couch. Sitting for long periods of time can cause everything from obesity to diabetes and heart problems. Walk around your room, skip, use a stationary cycle if you have or sit in vajrasana or some other yoga asanas while watching the matches.

3) Most matches begin at 3 pm and will probably get over by midnight. There are some matches that will start later. Do not skimp on sleep or force yourself to stay awake to watch the matches especially if you have to go to work the next day. Do not have caffeine during the latter half of the matches to keep yourself awake. This can interfere with your sleep. Make sure you are getting about 7-8 hours of sleep every night.