Many women refrain from discussing problems regarding their sexual health and menstruation and tend to suffer. Many are unaware of a few basic facts about sanitary napkins, one of the most popular sanitary method of dealing with periods. Here we share a few tips on how to choose the best sanitary napkin for proper care, comfort and hygiene.

Look for the materials used in the sanitary pads. “Many of them can cause skin rashes and infections. Always do research about what you are buying. Consult with your gynaecologist and look for materials that are soft and skin-friendly and suitable for your skin. Take more care if you have sensitive skin and are prone to infections. Avoid sanitary pads with fragrances. These can contain chemicals in them that may smell pleasant but could end up giving you a rash. Stick to the non-fragrant varieties as much as possible,” says gynaecologist Dr Deepa Dureja.

Sanitary napkins made out of plastic and other harmful substances which are environment-unfriendly. “Not just the sanitary pads, even their packaging is mostly plastic and hence devastating to the environment. While most commercial brands are manufactured using plastic and other chemicals, you could try looking for those brands which produce menstrual hygiene products that are made with environment-friendly materials, ” says Monica Bindra, co-founder, Laiqa.

When buying sanitary napkins, don’t just buy one size, buy a variety of sizes to cater to the different flow levels during the 3-4 days of your periods. It is important to wear long-lasting, good quality brands that will take care of your flow even when there is heavy bleeding, suggests Dr Deepa. The longer sizes are also useful at night or when you’re travelling or during those times when you cannot have access to toilets to change your pads frequently. It is a good practice to change your pads every 6 hours.