Several research studies have linked poor sleep to obesity. There is a very close connection between weight gain and sleep problems. Simply put, you are more likely to eat unhealthy food and put on weight when you haven’t got sufficient sleep or if your sleep quality is poor. This is why it is always recommended that you sleep well for about 7-8 hours if you do not want to get obesity and suffer from related diseases including diabetes, heart disease and metabolic disorders. Also Read - Vitamin D Deficiency Can Lead To Weight Gain and Obesity

Now, a new study has claimed that a good night’s sleep helps in reducing the desire for sweet and salty foods, intake of sugar and caloric content. Increasing the sleep duration can help reduce the risk of these diseases according to lead author Rob Henst, Associate Professor at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. The study, published in the Journal of Sleep Research, shows clearly that good sleep can result in more insulin sensitivity and hence reduction in overall appetite, desire for sweet and salty foods, intake of daily free sugar, and percentage of daily caloric intake from protein. Here are some other ways in which you can control your appetite and lose weight: Also Read - Diabetes + Obesity = Diabesity: All You Need To Know About This Metabolic Dysfunction

Drink water about half an hour before you eat your food: Having about 8 glasses of water every day can go a long way in making you feel full, besides imparting other health benefits. When you drink water around 30 minutes before your meals, you tend to eat only a sufficient amount of food you need. Also, sometimes, your body could mistake thirst for hunger. The next time you feel hungry between meals, try having water. You will feel satiated then. Also Read - Why Patients With Higher BMI Must Be Cautious to Stay Away from COVID

It is said that having spicy food tends to suppress your hunger. Now, we are not asking you to go all out on spicy food and stuff your food with chillies and chilli powder but using a variety of spices and chillies in your meals can help you control your hunger.

Skip the simple carbs and eat complex carbs and protein. Simple carbs are processed quickly and don’t satiate your appetite.