Do you run out of ideas when you are trying to think of what to make for dinner? Do you crave to go to restaurants for the delicious and fancy meals they serve? You may be foodies but you cannot ignore your health at any cost. That is why it is best to cook and consume homemade food whenever possible. These European recipes by Alila Fort Bishangarh are just right for you. Many of the ingredients in these recipes may not be readily available in your kitchen, but they are popular across most major food stores. Make sure you get the freshest of ingredients for these healthy and delicious recipes.

Hand-Torn Buratta
240 gms buratta cheese
10 gms miso paste
100 gms green tomato
8gms green chilli
10gms coriander
20 ml white wine vinegar
20 gms jaggery
4 gms ginger
2 gm Salt
2 gm olive oil
2 gm black pepper
50 gms rocket leaves
10 gm curry leave ciabatta

In a pan, add water, jaggery, salt, whole green chilli, butter, ginger, coriander and green tomato.

Cover with lid and cook on medium heat for 20-25 min to make green tomato chunda.

Lightly toast the curry leave ciabatta and apply olive oil on it.

Cut the buratta cheese into two, season it with salt and pepper and serve with tomato chunda and garnish it with olive oil and serve cold.

Edamame and Wasabi Hummus (Photo credit: Alila Fort Bishangarh)

Edamame and Wasabi Hummus
300 gms edamame beans
2 gm wasabi
10 gms tahina
6 ml lemon juice
2 gm jeera
6 ml olive oil
20 gms red radish
4 gm garlic
40 gm khakra
20 gms flax seeds

In a blender put edamame beans, garlic, tahina paste, jeera powder, wasabi, lemon juice and olive oil.

Blend all the ingredients to make a smooth paste.

Serve the hummus with khakra and marinated radish.

Garnish with flax seeds and olive oil.