Kegel exercises are some of the simplest exercises you can do that will largely benefit your pelvic floor muscles. These also help in relaxing muscles and increasing the blood circulation in and around your sexual organs. This is why Kegel exercises are highly recommended for better sex. There are a number of health benefits for Kegel exercises. Women, this is why you must do Kegel exercises regularly:

For better sexual satisfaction: Kegel exercises can actually help you get better orgasms. How? These strengthen your pelvic muscles and are also known to help tighten the vaginal muscles or vaginal tone. This can help you have better sex and more satisfying sex. This could especially be helpful for women post pregnancy or nearing menopause to strengthen the weakness in the vaginal muscles.

Getting back into shape after pregnancy: Many women experience prolapsed uterus after pregnancy wherein the uterus moves downwards because the muscles that hold it in its place become too weak. This can lead to multiple problems including urinary incontinence. It can also make your tummy appear bigger. Kegel exercises can help you strengthen the muscles and get a fit and flat tummy.

For better bladder control post-pregnancy: Urinary incontinence is common post pregnancy. Doing Kegel exercises after pregnancy can help heal and tighten your sphincter muscles that control the flow of urine.

How to do Kegel exercises: Ever noticed which muscle you use to urinate? These are the muscles that you need to exercise when you do kegel exercises. To do kegel exercise, contract your muscles and hold for 10 to 15 seconds. Then release them. Do this about 10 times and about 2-3 times in a day. The best part about Kegel exercises is that these can be done anytime and anywhere without anyone noticing!

Did you know that Kegel exercises can help men deal with erectile dysfunction too? In fact, when men do Kegel exercises it is known to help with longer erections and preventing premature ejaculation.

You must make sure to discuss with your doctor or sexologist about kegel exercises, especially if you are pregnant. Stop doing the exercise if you experience any pain or discomfort.