Holi is here and so is the need to protect your skin from the potential damage due to non-herbal and non-organic colours. Oil is your best friend on Holi and the right application of this one item can save you from damaged skin and hair on the big Indian festival. Put your faith in any one kind of oil to provide nourishment to both your skin and hair against the harshness of colours and water on the day of Holi. Also Read - Holi 2020: Tips And Tricks to Keep Your Car And Bike Away From Colour Stain This Holi

While mustard oil can lend your skin and hair texture, olive oil and almond oil are highly recommended. Don’t shy away from applying as much as want. Of course, you don’t want the oil to drip down your face. However, heavy application of oil, especially in your hair is highly suggested. For your skin, instead of directly applying the oil to your face, you can mix it in your favourite moisture and massage it on your skin until it gets fully absorbed. Also, don’t forget to tie your hair in a beautiful braid. Braided hair prevents colours from having direct contact with your scalp and it is also one of the best ways to flaunt a stylish festive look. Also Read - Holi 2020: Top Bollywood Playlist to Make You Dance Like There's no Tomorrow

While face and hair remain everyone’s major concern, you should not be forgetting to spend enough time applying a good moisturizer on your hand, neck and feet. If you have got long nails, make sure you are not cutting them off on Holi. Let them stay longer until you are done playing with colours. Long nails don’t let the colour get inside the skin of your fingertips and thereby, prevent you against any possible skin infection. Also Read - Holi 2020 Recipes: How to Make Gujiya, Badam Aur Gulukand Ki Kulfi, Maple Thandai Panna Cotta, Badam ki Phirni

Another most important thing is the right way to remove colours from the skin. Don’t wash your face or hair directly if you are drenched in colours. Have a cotton pad dipped in oil or put some moisturizer on cotton or a soft cotton cloth and wipe colours off your skin before splashing water on your face. Do the same with hair, oil them well before taking a shower and try to remove the colour first without applying any shampoo.

Use organic and herbal colours only and wear full sleeve outfits to protect yourself. It’s a festival of fun and laughter but safety should be paramount. Have a happy and safe Holi!