Coronavirus pandemic has affected the entire world gravely and it has started to bring out worse in individuals. At least cases of affected patients spitting on their neighbour’s houses, throwing saliva in the metro, and increasing divorce rates due to quarantine suggest the same. Yes, you read it right. Though it may seem to be a totally unexpected side of the coronavirus outbreak, the reality remains the same. According to a report of The Global Times, there is a sudden spike in divorce rates in China and it is linked to the coronavirus outbreak.Also Read - Self Quarantined Due to Coronavirus Pandemic? Do These Things to Avoid Boredom

It is being assumed that being home quarantined for a long time has started to evoke underlying conflicts between couples. But, don’t you think that this situation could have brought some positive outcome too? Why don’t we focus on better things? Though we know staying together for a longer duration becomes a problem eventually, certain tips can help you utilise the time of isolation and strengthen your relationship. Read on to know about them. Also Read - Coronavirus: Why is Suresh Prabhu Under Self-Quarantine Despite Negative Results?

Go for romantic reads

There is an array of romantic books that are quite popular. If you don’t have them, you can order online and start reading. Also, suggest one of your favourite books to your beloved. Also, pick a romantic book from your partner’s ‘books to read wishlist’. After being done with the reading, both of you discuss your favourite parts of the story. This can strengthen your relationship and give you a chance to know your partner better. Also Read - No, Coronavirus Was Not Made in a Chinese Laboratory, Claims Study

Pick up an indoor hobby together

What can be better than spending quality time with your partner doing something that you both enjoy or want to learn? So, take the benefit of this isolation period and pick up an indoor hobby together. You can try cooking or making your partner learn it if he/she is interested. Cooking has been found to be therapeutic. Also, it is a significant skill to have.

Have meaningful conversations

Coronavirus quarantine has given you enough time to have the talk you always wanted to but never had the time. Relationship experts say that one of the major reasons behind problems between couples is lack of communication. So, utilise this time to sort out problems between both of you. Also, you can plan a vacation for the future.