Are you feeling difficulty in passing stool? Are you experiencing loss of appetite, bloating, nausea, etc.? If yes, you are suffering from constipation. It can occur due to various reasons like lack of fiber in the diet, physical inactivity, etc. If you wish to get rid of constipation with the help of the Ayurvedic hack, you can try a tablespoon of Ghee with a glass of warm water.Also Read - Constipation, Bloating Linked to Behavioural Issues in Autistic Kids

To fetch out benefits from this mixture, you need to consume it in the right way. Notably, Ghee is packed with butyric acid, which is known to improve metabolism and correct your bowel movement. It is known to help get rid of constipation and its symptoms including bloating, gas, etc. Also Read - Home Remedies For Constipation: Opt For These 3 Effective Ways to Get Rid of Your Digestive Problem

It works by providing lubrication to your body that helps in easy passage of the waste and clearing the intestine. Consuming Ghee with warm water empty stomach daily in the morning can help you reduce your risk of constipation, a condition that occurs when your digestive tract, gut, and colon become dry and rough. Ghee helps in making the passage smooth and aids in easy evacuation of waste.
Being a natural laxative, Ghee is good for strengthening your bones, helping in weight loss, and improving your sleep too. Also Read - Treat Your Child's Constipation Problem With These Natural Remedies