Are you experiencing throbbing pain in one side of your head? Is it accompanied by sensitivity to light? If yes, you are suffering from a migraine attack. It is a debilitating condition that causes pulsing sensation and is sometimes followed by vomiting, nausea, and increased thirst. Some people get signs of developing a migraine attack around 2 days back of actual pain. It is characterised by visual disturbances, difficulty in speaking, hearing noises etc. After a migraine attack, a person feels drained out, confused and washed out. If you wish to get rid of this problem as early as possible, you can take help of certain home remedies as they are safe and do not have any side-effect. Read on to know about them.Also Read - Smartphones Users More Likely to Have Headaches And Migraines: AIIMS Study

Try Cold Packs

Putting cold packs on your forehead during a migraine can give some relief. Just take some ice cubes and wrap them in a towel. Keep this cold compress on your forehead for around 15 minutes to get rid of the pain. You can keep doing this after a break of every 15 minutes. Also Read - Here is How to Bid Adieu to Migraine

Ease Pressure on Your Head

If you have tied your hair, lose it. There should not be any added pressure on your scalp or head during migraine as it can aggravate the pain. Even wearing simple things like a hat, goggles, or headband can make the condition worse. Also Read - Exercise Won't Help Most Women Suffering From Migraine

Have a Cup of Tea or Coffee

Caffeine-containing drinks can absorb some migraine faster. So, for mild relief, you can try having a cup of coffee or tea, based on your preference.

Dim The Lights

During a migraine attack, light can make your pain worse. Your eyes become extremely sensitive to lights at the time of the attack. So, it is advised to dim all the lights or just switch off the lights and lie down in a dark room for some time.