In Indian culture, having sex after marriage is considered sacred. Several couples save it for their wedding night. Now if you too belong to the same category and are a virgin till now, there is a lot that you need to know and learn.  And if your wedding is nearing and it is making you nervous to think about sex, then do not worry.  We have some really good tips for you that will have help you.  Usually, most couples have sex the most during their honeymoon. On the wedding night, couples are tired and usually pass out.  Here are some really effective honeymoon sex tips for virgins. These tips will ensure that your first time is just as how you wished it to be. ALSO READ Health benefits of sex: These are some of the hidden benefits of having sex Also Read - What Even! UK Man Admits Having Penetrative Sex with Chickens 3 Times While His Wife Filmed It

1. Take things slow

You need to enjoy and relish every moment of this.  So in a bid to get it done, don’t rush into it. We understand the wait has been long but you need to be patient. Take things slowly and keep it smooth and comfortable for the both of you.  The first time is going to be one of the most special days of your life. (ALSO READ Side effects of masturbation for women: Are there any harmful side effects of masturbation?) Also Read - Want to Live a Healthy Life? Have Sex Once a Week

2. Do not keep any expectations 

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The first time doesn’t necessarily have to be the best sex. It usually is a little lousy and awkward. But all of that is just natural and okay.  Take every moment as it comes and just go with the flow. Whatever happens, just try you best to enjoy that. Do not keep any unrealistic expectations. ALSO READ These 10 best selling sex products 2016 are bound to make you New Year spicier

3. Have a discussion before you have sex

sex talks 2

Before you actually get on the bed with your partner, make sure that you have a detailed discussion about things. It is very important to know each other’s sexual preferences and likes and dislikes. So before you actually hit the sheets, spend time with each other talking and cuddling. The talks can also eventually turn dirty and naughty. This will not only help you get a better clarity, but it will also help you build a good ambiance.  The sex that follows after such deep talks is definitely going to be amazing. ALSO READ Sex positions for sex toys: 6 best sex positions that are apt for your sex toy!

4. Get yourself educated about sex

You need to ensure that you read a lot about sex. From books to online articles, you need to read to understand how it is all done.  You get several books to from where you can take some inspiration.  Talk to friends who have experience in this and you know will give you the right advice. (ALSO READ Blow job truths every woman should know: 10 facts about blow job that can’t be missed!)

5. Don’t force yourself to do it on the wedding night

honeymon sex

There is no such rule that sex needs to happen on your wedding night itself.   You can also wait for it till the next morning when you are relaxed and have got some good night’s sleep. On your wedding night, after the never ending rituals and traditions, most couples are tired and half dead. So you do not have to force yourself to have sex on the same night juts because it is a norm. Wait until the next morning or you can just wait for your honeymoon. Sex will be better then because you will be more relaxed.  (ALSO READ Do porn stars really enjoy sex? The answers will surprise you!)

6. Use protection

sex lies 4

This rule generally applies to virgins and also the ones who have had sex before. Protection should be the most important thing to follow, unless you are fine taking chances. ALSO READ These are the 8 surprising things that men totally hate about sex!

7. You can explore the first time

honeymon sex 3

You do not have to stick to the usual sex positions or moves on your honeymoon. It doesn’t matter if it is your first time, you can very well explore and experiment things that you have always wanted to do.  Exploring new things will just add to the romance and will bring you closer to your partner. (ALSO READ 7 lies men often tell you about sex!)

8. Wear something sexy

lace bra sheer

This one is for all the women out there. You can consider buying some really hot and sexy lingerie. This will build the mood and your first time will be a memorable one.  There is wide variety of lingerie available for women that are exclusively meant for honeymoon. ALSO READ Why long distance relationships work: 8 reasons why distance is harmless in love!

These are some of the most basic yet the most important tips that you need to follow. Make the most of your honeymoon.  This is probably the only time when you will get some private time with your partner. So explore as much as possible and try everything new.  Sex is good when there is comfort and passion. So before you get married talk to your partner and meet often so that by the time you are getting married, there is ample comfort level.  We assure you, your first time will be beautiful and very special.