Aries: They will have an energetic move on Monday. The day will start fast pace for them and continue to energetic.Also Read - Horoscope Today, January 19, Wednesday: Aries Might Achieve Their Career Goals, Romantic Day For Capricorn

Taurus: They will be lazy to do things. They will be in bed for long hours, taking benefit of work from home. Also Read - Horoscope January 18, Tuesday: Trouble in Paradise For Aries, Sagittarius Should Prioritize Health

Gemini: They will think positive and it will keep them going throughout the day. There will be no dull moment for them. Also Read - Vastu For Pooja Room: Simple Vastu Tips to Get the Blessings of Goddess Lakshmi

Cancer: They might end up with disappointment and overthink everything. There might be negative moments.

Leo: They might be arrogant today. This might lead to some trouble also. It might be tough to beat the Monday blues.

Virgo: They will be spiritual and may also visit a holy place in the morning or evening. They can also meditate.

Libra: They will start their day on a low. And therefore they will find it tough to beat the Monday blues.

Scorpio: They will have a great start to the week. And the momentum will keep them going throughout. Career and relationship both will be comfortable.

Sagittarius: The Sagittarians will have peace of mind on the first day of the week. They might be better than before.

Capricorn: These people die working as always. Every day is Monday for them. They love to work and will continue working.

Aquarius: They will think professional way, they will not think of personal. They will think more about jobs and less about family.

Pisces: They will be very emotional and might sulk at times on Monday. It will be like dragging yourself throughout the day.