Horoscope, May 2020: While you continue to deal with restricted movements and concerns over health amid coronavirus lockdown, here’s what your zodiac sign suggests for this month. Check out how you need to control your emotions and be ready for new surprises that your stars have in store for you. Also Read - Bank Holidays 2020 May Alert! Banks to Remain Closed for 11 Days in May; Here's List

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Aries Rashifal May 2020

Aries: Horoscope May 2020

At the beginning of the month:
You find yourself having to justify your actions not only to your loved ones but to outsiders.
Sometimes, this can be a sign that you might not be in the right.
Make sure you take extra time and consideration when analyzing your thoughts and emotions.
Seek the help of someone you think to be less experienced; they may surprise you with advice and guidance you weren’t expecting. Also Read - Chinese New Year 2020: All You Need to Know About the Year of The Rat

Middle of the month:
Your energy may propel you towards chaotic and destructive behavior.
Your intention to protect the ones you love comes from a place of good but you must reign in your need to control every single outcome.
It is hard to let go and understand that the functions of the world are out of control.
Channel your energy into finding peace and acceptance that the universe is constantly moving and changing and life is unpredictable.

Toward the month-end:
You will experience a power struggle among your closest circle.
While you are usually a team player, you have been observing someone’s overbearing attitude for some time and they will be challenged.
Take the time to choose your battles very wisely and understand why certain behaviors are occurring.
Your diplomatic approach to the situation might be able to resolve conflict and prevent a war from breaking out.


taurus horoscope 2020

Taurus: Horoscope, May 2020

At the beginning of the month:
You may be tempted to go against your morals and principles in order to appease someone who has caught your interest.
You will face opportunities in which you can obtain their favor at the expense of your loved ones.
Stay firm in your beliefs and it will serve to reward you in the future.
Do not let a temporary obsession destroy the foundations of your relationships.

Middle of the month:
Try to explore your resistance to making commitments and what might be impeding you from a certain decision.
You are usually someone who is averse to change so commitment and stability are something you cherish and prioritize.
Your hesitation may be an indicator of something that is bothering you or doesn’t feel right about a situation.
Explore your true emotions and feelings towards something or someone and make a firm decision after reviewing the facts.

Toward the month-end:
You will feel like doing absolutely nothing this week and that is totally fine.
Sometimes we need to take some much needed time to ourselves without feeling the guilt of responsibility.
In order to fulfill your obligation, you need to be healthy and well.
Make an effort to take care of yourself and you will be back to your normal self in no time.


Gemini: Horoscope, May 2020

At the beginning of the month:
Your desire to seek more will flare and your ambition and determination will be at an all-time high.
You must ensure that opportunities that arise are actually viable and not let your passion overtake your practicality.
Take this time to slow down and appreciate all that you already have and realize ambition should not turn into an obsession.
You have a keen sense of what is possible and what is an illusion so use that to your advantage.

Middle of the month:
You can explore the true beauty of something when you make the effort to dive deeper into understanding.
It is easy to judge from the surface and assume you recognize what is within but you can never know for sure without putting in the time and effort.
There is so much more to discover on a daily basis and you can never truly understand the entirety of anything with a simple thought.
If something is important to you, make a commitment to learning more about it every day.

Toward the month-end:
This week will be a challenging one and you will find yourself questioning why certain situations were sent to you by the stars.
Before you get angry and lose faith think about what these challenges are teaching you and how much you can learn from them.
Every obstacle has a lesson hidden in it and so does the one you are dealing with.
The stars are looking out for your growth so take this opportunity to learn and improve.


Cancer: Horoscope, May 2020

At the beginning of the month:
You are beginning to oversimplify things in your head and by doing so certain problems are not being taken seriously.
Spend an extra second observing the intricacies of the situations of those around you.
Once you have done this, your help will be pivotal to them and your approach won’t lack the empathy they are seeking.
Do not let your opinions and reactions be the standard that they should follow. Everyone’s heart and mind work differently.

Middle of the month:
You are a pillar of support for your loved ones and your ability to stay calm and resilient during a storm provides immense comfort.
You have always provided a voice of reason and relief when there are struggles and fear.
Keep doing what you are doing and never doubt your ability to bring peace in chaos.
Keep the faith and all will be well. The universe is working to protect what you love.

Toward the month-end:
You will witness hopelessness and sadness in your loved ones.
Your own sadness might encourage you to watch idly and suffer alongside them.
It is important now for you to have faith and keep hope for yourself and make sure you are instilling it in others around you.
Pray and hope for the best together. You will be more powerful that way.


Leo: Horoscope, May 2020

At the beginning of the month:
This is a time where you need to put your complete faith in others and trust that the universe will take care of you.
If you extinguish the doubts from your mind and fully trust those close you to you, they will not let you down.
It is a difficult feat but sometimes we need to let go and hope for the best.
The universe is on your side and will not let you get hurt.

Middle of the month:
You are a source of confidence and comfort for those who depend on you.
You stand ready to solve everyone’s problems and your conviction and knowledge are why everyone looks towards your leadership.
While you assume you know all the answers and everyone else is just a follower you do not have to shut out the people who care about you.
Try not to lose your temper at those who you think do not understand and remember that there are different ways to tackle every problem.

Toward the month-end:
Try to put an emphasis on compassion and empathy this week and curb your tendency to lash out.
Your love can be very aggressive because of your need to control and make sure everything is safe and stable.
This might cause you to hurt the people around you, who are looking to you for some comfort and assurance.
While you may be tempted to give them a dose of harsh reality, why not be empathetic to their emotions?


Virgo: Horoscope, May 2020

At the beginning of the month:
The path in front of you is slowly beginning to clear and a decision you were trying to make will finally have an answer.
It is a critical time to get set and focus all of your efforts into it.
Do not let anything distract you or delay you any further.
All work put in now will lead to great rewards so keep moving forward.

Middle of the month:
You will feel tempted to justify your actions to those who do not truly matter to you.
Do not get distracted or discouraged by naysayers and waste your time trying to convince them of your potential.
You only need to prove to yourself that you are capable of achieving your dreams and goals.
Be confident in yourself and have faith that the path you chose is the right one.

Toward the month-end:
You will feel the urge to display your talents to the world and break out of your comfort zone.
You are confused about where this newfound confidence has come from and might try and hold yourself back.
This is just your hardwork and skills finally amounting to determination and conviction.
You have been working quite hard and now is the time to show off the many things you have learned and grown from.


Libra: Horoscope, May 2020

At the beginning of the month:
Your relationships will soon require validation and assurance.
Those around you may feel reserved and not tell you their complete feelings.
You must display extra compassion when interacting with them as they are unsure of your position within the union.
It is ok to let your guard down and share your feelings.

Middle of the month:
Your need to care and nurture your loved ones will overpower you this week.
Be careful these feelings do not morph into obsession and intrusion into other people’s business.
It is important to acknowledge that sometimes people need to take care of their own problems and can use a listening ear versus an active mouth.
Be supportive in a way that is required and do not try to overstep your bounds.

Toward the month-end:
People will come to you for advice and assurance on a situation.
It is important to put yourself in another’s shoes before trying to help them and making sure the advice you provide is one they can actually implement.
While your point of view is important, you will have to be careful in how sensitive you are in your delivery and expectations you put on this person.
Be mindful of the resources and abilities that are unique to each individual.



Scorpio: Horoscope, May 2020

At the beginning of the month:
Your emotions have been all over the place and this is causing you to lash out at everyone around you.
Acting out in a fit of passion may have dire consequences and permanent damage.
Take deep breaths and allow yourself the time to come to proper conclusions and do not let your emotions overpower your sense of rationality.
Things may not always be as they seem so seek information before reacting.

Middle of the month:
As you approach new ventures with practicality try not to overlook your intuitive side.
In evaluating opportunities for growth do not ignore what your gut tells you even if it is not what your brain is saying.
You have a keen sense of reality and relationships and if you have a feeling about someone or something you are usually right.
While sometimes we must listen to our mind over our heart, our heart is still a good guide to what will bring you happiness.

Toward the month-end:
There is great turmoil around you and now is the time to seize the moment and put aside any pride to reach out and repair old and broken relationships.
You are needed much more than you think and you resurfacing in someone’s life might be just the blessing they needed.
Sometimes people make mistakes and if you can seek forgiveness and also accept the past is over then you have much to gain.
Always choose love over any other negative emotion.


Sagittarius: Horoscope, May 2020

At the beginning of the month:
Your directness will be key when dealing with your personal relationships although sometimes the reactions will be so severe you might hesitate to continue this way.
Do not shy away from voicing your unfiltered thoughts to others as this is what made you important to them in the first place.
Your honesty will be respected and you will begin to see change for the better.
Stay true to who you are and fearless in expressing your thoughts.

Middle of the month:
You will make progress in your journey for self-discovery but this progress might be impeded by chaos and pain.
You will gain mental clarity and put the pieces together in a logical and structured manner and try to bury your emotions and feelings to numb yourself.
While the next few weeks will transform your life, never lose hope that the universe will look out for you.
Keep the faith, understand that obstacles are sent to you to grow from but your betterment and happiness is the end goal.

Toward the month-end:
You may find that throwing yourself deep into work is the best way for you to cope with an ongoing situation.
Running away from your problems won’t resolve them and your method of avoidance will only last so long.
You must find a way to make yourself mentally stronger and accept that life is going to have its downs as much as ups.
Try to face adversity head-on and keep faith the universe is on your side and looking out for you.


Capricorn: Horoscope, May 2020

At the beginning of the month:
People from your past may make appearances in your presence this month.
Use this week to repair any damaged relationships you may have had or at the very least find closure.
Your pride will serve as a great obstacle but listen to what they have to say and then let them go if you must.
Not all relationships are meant to be but that doesn’t mean you can’t find peace.

Middle of the month:
Your positive energy is contagious and someone close to you needs that right now.
You have always rejected negative thoughts and stayed hopeful for the best and future.
Someone you love is struggling with this right now and needs emotional and mental support.
You have the ability to transform people’s lives for the better. Use it for good and the universe will reward you.

Toward the month-end:
You will begin to feel demotivated and tempted to ignore the progress you have made so far in order to justify your sluggishness.
Try to do new activities or learn new things to fine-tune the body and mind.
Meditation will serve as a great tool to achieve this.
Tap into your inner soul and pull out some motivation for yourself.


Aquarius: Horoscope, May 2020

At the beginning of the month:
Your curiosity will prove to have very confusing findings this month.
You will learn many things, but you also risk going too far and harming your relationships by intruding on personal feelings and situations.
When curiosity about the world is concerned, don’t hold back but when it comes to the lives of those around you, be respectful of their space.
Show restraint when wanting to satiate your curiosity about those around you and if you are patient they might just approach you and confide in you themselves.

Middle of the month:
Your sense of intellect and stability may be challenged by a sense of freedom and imagination.
Embrace the new perspective and try to adopt new styles of thinking and approaches.
Creativity can lead you through new paths and realizations as well as help you invent something totally new.
There is much to learn, and leveraging other people’s creativity and imagination will only improve your skills.

Toward the month-end:
It will feel like nothing is going your way and you will be tempted to give up on a dream you have been working towards.
Do not stop yet as victory is on the horizon.
You have put in a lot of effort and now is the time to storm forward and make it through the last few steps.
You are almost there so do not give up.


Pisces: Horoscope, May 2020

At the beginning of the month:
You have been pushing yourself to great lengths and for every step forward you might also be taking double the steps back.
Why are you doing this? Think about whether there is something you are afraid of and it is causing you to sabotage your growth.
It is important not to go to impractical lengths in order to improve but you also need to find the courage to stay on the path forward and not regress.
You must put great focus on someone who is trying to get you through this and encouraging you. They have a very important role to play in your life.

Middle of the month:
Your own wounds will provide you with the power to heal others but make sure not to lose yourself in the process and neglect to heal yourself as well.
You will be able to influence those around you to tone down their aggression but make sure you are also working on your own anger.
Sometimes the ones with the best excuse to be angry can become the ones to encourage forgiveness.
Use your powers to bring peace into the world and the people you love.

Toward the month-end:
Someone who you have always depended on for stability and sanity is now going through a struggle of their own.
They have always been a pillar of strength and sensitivity for you and now is the time to return the favor.
Tap into whatever strength and empathy you have and be there for them in their time of need.
You will be a much-needed blessing in their life.