Horoscope Today, January 21: Pandit Jagannadh Guriji, renowned astrologer, and prophesier, predicts the day as per each zodiac sign. If you are someone who believes in the position of the stars and has faith in the universe, this is what your day looks like: Also Read - Horoscope Today, February 25, 2021: Spiritual Day For Gemini, Scorpio Will Be Over-Sensitive Today

Aries: The best way to beat the midweek blues for people hailing from this zodiac sign is reading books. Just taking some leisure time out from daily chores and immersing yourself in a book would do you good. Also Read - Horoscope Today: Time To Take Some Tough Decisions For Pisces. Check What's In Store For You

Taurus: It is one of those days when Taurus natives would like to indulge themselves in household works. They might just lend a helping hand to their wife or mother. Also Read - It's Never Too Late: Ujjain Woman Completes PhD in Sanskrit at The Age of 80

Gemini: Those hailing from this zodiac sign would seek some privacy today rather than being the centre of attraction. They may also feel close to the nature and maybe take a walk in the park next door.

Cancer: The tendency of Cancer natives will be somewhat like a boss. These people will work hard for their career.

Leo: You need to take care of your relationships, as there are chances of having a fight with your loved ones. Just be careful in your acts.

Virgo: It is a perfect day for people hailing from this zodiac sign to go for a long drive. Just let the journey drain the sorrows away.

Libra: If you have been thinking about embarking on a shopping spree, this is the right time. Just get hold of your wallet and purse to head out. Shopping is an experience, cherish it.

Scorpio: Romance is in the air for Scorpio natives. You are likely to be doing everything to please your partner or spouse.

Sagittarius: The Sagittarians will love to spend this Thursday with their family. There can be nothing better than staying at home and just spending some quality time with the loved ones.

Capricorn: Even as they continue to work hard towards their goals, they stop for a while and take stock of the mistakes committed. They realise their mistakes and move on.

Aquarius: People hailing from this zodiac sign might tend to feel depressed, which would be triggered by over thinking. So just don’t let the empty mind be the devil’s workshop.

Pisces: They would change their mind, and try deviate from issues that bother on a daily basis. The best thing to do would be to watch a movie. Just take a break.