Workout, these days, is sophisticated and scientific, thanks to a number of health gadgets and wearable technology available in the market. New workout routines have popped up to give you better options to stay fit without getting bored. Now, a workout does not mean just pumping iron in the gym, it includes much more than just gym routine. The new workout options have inspired many of us to switch to a healthier lifestyle, which includes exercise and healthy diet. From online workout video offering you the step-by-step instructions to exercise in the comfort of your home to boutique studios that offer a certain type of workouts, 2016 saw several new trends. And here is our pick of some of the most popular workout trends of 2016.

1. Bunny hopping


Bunny hopping became the talk of the town after Alia Bhatt mentioned it in Karan Jo0har’s show Koffee with Karan and posted a video on Instagram. So, what is bunny hopping? It is one of the best exercises if you are not a big fan of running. It will work your arms and legs. Bunny hopping is done by keeping your feet together and jumping to your left and right. In the video posted by Alia Bhatt, the actress is doing bunny hopping on a treadmill with Katrina Kaif and Parineeti Chopra. (ALSO READ Alia, Katrina & Parineeti doing bunny hops: What is bunny hopping?)



High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has been around for a while and it is still among the hottest trends. People love HIIT as it packs a punch in a short span of time and you will see the result instantly. This dirty and sweaty workout routine includes high-intensity exercises followed by a short rest period. According to studies, a quick burst of high-intensity workout for a minute followed by a slow activity for two minutes can be as effective as running for an hour. Several exercise studios give a fun twist to these HIIT routines to make it mentally engaging. With so many health benefits, this trend is here to stay.

3. Body weight training

Body weight

This routine does not require any gym equipment or weights and includes a range of exercises from squat jumps to push ups to burpees, which are very effective in toning of the body. It uses the weight of your body for the exercises. Your body is your dumbbell. This form of exercise is super efficient and will help lose weight fast. The best part about this workout is that you don’t need to go to the gym for this. Body weight training can be done in the comfort of your room.

4. Weight training


Weight lifting and training had always been men’s domain and finally some of the women have shown that it is ok for a woman to lift the weight. Ladies, thanks for bursting the myth that it will make a woman muscular and will make her look ‘like a man’. Weight training workouts have become popular among women. It will have a positive effect on not just your body but also on your mind. VJ Bani is one of the many women in India who loves to work with weights and flaunt their toned body. (ALSO SEE Top 10 fitness freak girls you must follow on Instagram for some motivation)

5. Obstacle Specific Training

Have your seen workout routine that includes rope climbing and tire flipping? That’s Obstacle race-Specific Training for you. You will find the entire gym dedicated to this type of training with ropes, wall ascents and tires. It is challenging but fun way to keep your body healthy.

6. Group training

Group training is a cost-effective way to get training from a professional trainer without hiring one. The trainer will be working with a group instead of individuals. This allows people, who otherwise could not afford a private trainer, to get professional training. All the dance workouts and CrossFit training can be categorized as group training.

7. Yoga


The mental, spiritual and physical practice, Yoga, which originated in ancient India, is among the most popular workout trends of 2016. This holistic exercise was recently included in UNESCO’s list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Considered as an alternative healing method, yoga is practiced not just for improved flexibility and balance but a whole lot of other reasons. It lowers stress, makes your heart healthy, improves immunity and decreases anxiety. With so many health benefits, yoga will continue to be on the popular workout trends in the coming year (ALSO READ Yoga in UNESCO’s list of intangible cultural heritage: 7 amazing health benefits of Yoga).