Air conditioners can do a lot of harm to our skin and hair. The air conditioners swap the hot air with cool air by dehumidifying the air. They suck out the essential moisture and substitute it with the cool air. This results in a very dry temperature in the room. “ACs basically extract the necessary and essential moisture levels required by skin and hair to be healthy and nourished.Also Read - Coffee Skin Benefits: 5 Mind Blowing Uses of Caffeine on Skin

The removal of the moisture from the air causes the skin and hair to be dry and damaged. Most of us spend most of our time in air-conditioned rooms. This is why many of us are experiencing dry and damaged skin and hair. Their texture has been drastically deteriorating,” explains Dr Nivedita Dadu, of Dr Nivedita Dadu’s Dermatology Clinic. Air conditioners are one of the major culprits of frizzy hair and dull skin. Also Read - Makeup And Skincare: Shahnaz Husain Shares A Step-by-Step Guide For Correct Makeup Removal

Effects of air conditioners
Lack of moisture can result in premature ageing, unwanted skin disorders, dullness and even skin degeneration. It keeps the skin and hair from natural nourishment. Air conditioners make our hair frizzy, increase hair fall, make it dull and also increase split ends and make it prone to damage. Also Read - Anti-Ageing Diet: 6 Effective Foods That Will Keep You Young And Beautiful Forever

Reversing these effects
– It is important for our scalp and skin to be nourished and for this one should step outside frequently to regain the moisture in the hair and hair.

– One should reduce the exposure to air conditioners to ensure that their hair and skin is healthy, moisturized and nurtured.

– Increase the amount of water consumption as it shall ensure that the skin and scalp are hydrated and nourished. One must drink 2-3 litres of water daily.

– You must apply natural ingredients on hair and scalp that help in retaining and restoring moisture. Aloe vera gel can be really helpful for both skin and hair.

– Also avoid using too many soaps, shampoos or chemical-based products in your skin and scalp to prevent overdrying.

– Nourish your scalp with a regular oil massage. You can use coconut, olive or almond oil. It is essential to always use a moisturizer on your skin on a daily basis.