Asthma is a common inflammatory disease of the lungs that cause shortness of breath, chest tightness, coughing etc. Patients who are diagnosed with asthma should take these simple herbs as a part of their regular diet, according to Dr Partap Chauhan, Director of Jiva Ayurveda.

Ginger, garlic

Ginger and garlic are beneficial in the treatment of asthma. At the initial stage of asthma, you can boil five buds of garlic in 30 ml of milk and drink it regularly. Apart from this, mixing two buds of garlic in hot ginger tea can help control asthma.


Fenugreek is very helpful in dealing with the body’s allergy. Boil some grains of fenugreek in a glass of water until it becomes one-third. Now, mix honey and ginger juice in this water and take it every evening.


Take half cup of celery extract and add half cup of water in it. Take this juice every day after morning and evening meal. To get relief from asthma, it is also beneficial to take the steam of celery water. This gives immediate relief in respiratory distress. A person suffering from asthma should practice Yogasana and Pranayama.


Honey is beneficial in asthma. It cures mucus, which creates asthma disorders. Mixing honey in a glass of lukewarm water and taking it three times a day can help in asthma.

Dry fig

Figs are very useful after drying. It prevents cough from accumulating. Keep figs soaked in hot water overnight and in the morning eat it in empty stomach. By doing so, the accumulated mucus in the breathing tube becomes loose and provides relief from the infection.

Drumstick leaves

After boiling Drumstick leaves for about five minutes, let it cool and then add pinch of salt and black pepper powder in it. This type of decoction is considered to be a good treatment for asthma.


Take four-five cloves and boil in half glass of water. Take it with one teaspoon of honey twice a day. Clove is antimicrobial and antiviral and is beneficial in relieving congestion and chest heaviness.


Turmeric milk is also very beneficial in asthma. Mix half teaspoon turmeric in a glass of lukewarm cow’s milk and drink every morning.