Anxiety and depression strike millions every year. According to a report by WHO, this disorder affects almost 10% of the Indian populace. For a few, some seasons can expedite a low mindset; for other people, discouragement is brought about by significant life changes, for example, a separation, major monetary issues, a perpetual sickness, passing of a friend or family member and other life stresses bringing forth serious consequences. Stress, consumption of poor diet, absence of activities like exercise, medication and liquor use and numerous other addictive practices), and absence of adequate rest, are extra hazard factors.Also Read - Deepika Padukone Recalls Battling Depression And How Her Mother Realised 'The Crying Wasn't Usual'

Ayurveda has both the information and treatment approaches that can possibly help those dealing with mental health issues. Ayurveda has an altogether different way to deal with depression. Dr Anu Jaiswal, Founder, Vedic Sutra helps us understand Ayurveda’s role in dealing with mental health issues. Also Read - Check For Symptoms of PCOS If You Experience Anxiety Often, Says Expert

Exercise: Exercise, as indicated by Ayurveda, is viewed as crucial to emotional well-being. Exercise builds serotonin and endorphins, synapses that are outstanding to improve temperament. Also, exercise decreases synthetic compounds in the circulation system that reason irritation all through the body, incorporating into the brain. Rehearsing certain yoga stances have been found to expand flow to the cerebrum, and to create hormones that are valuable to emotional wellness. Alongside yoga, breathing activities, called pranayama, are useful, specifically, for lessening pressure and uneasiness. The act of yoga, together with pranayama, is additionally advantageous. Also Read - 5 Reasons Why Ayurveda is Important For Pregnancy And Postpartum | Ayurvedic Tips Inside

Herbs: Herbs like Ashwagandha can help diminish pressure and uneasiness because of ingredients like steroidal lactones, saponins, alkaloids that give energizing, calming properties. Brahmi when devoured help increase serotonin levels in the cerebrum that help the mind resist the urge to panic and gives alleviation from tension and anxiety. Peppermint or menthol fixes a sleeping disorder by keeping your mind quiet and calm.

Oil massages: Natural oil massages can be useful for quieting down the brain. Some full body kneading treatments increase blood flow to expel toxins from the body. It invigorates the mind and decreases stress, anxiety, and depression. Therapies like shirodhara and shirovasti also work amazingly well. Directed foot messages can help treat mental issues like apprehension, uneasiness, and sleeping disorders. It prevents muscle spasms, lessens swelling in the body.