One of the many superfoods that you may have come across is chia seeds. Popularly put on smoothies, smoothie bowls, yoghurt and deserts, chia seeds are amazing not just because of their unique taste but also because they are very healthy. The chia seeds when put in water have a tendency to absorb water and become bulbous thus adding an interesting texture to your dishes. Here are some health benefits of chia seeds: Also Read - Monsoon Superfoods: Corns, Eggs, And Other Foods to Include in Your Diet

Chia seeds are loaded with healthy nutrients like Omega-3 fatty acids and calcium. The omega-3 fatty acids in them help protect the heart from diseases. It is a well-known method to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases like stroke. They have zero cholesterol and can hence be useful for those with high cholesterol and heart problems. Also Read - 5 Food Combinations For Weight Loss: Foods That Can Help You Shed Those Extra Kilos

The high content of calcium in chia seeds can help you develop strong bones, teeth and guard you against degeneration and wear and tear of bones. They are also effective in keeping away arthritis and osteoporosis. Also Read - 5 Superfoods For Those Struggling With Thyroid-Related Weight Gain

They also have plenty of protein. You can add chia seeds to your protein shakes or oatmeal pre-workout. This is because they contain healthy fats, fibre and also a good amount of carbohydrates. You will get a boost of energy of you have them right before your work out and even after, to replenish your energy.

Did you know that chia seeds have been found to have properties that are beneficial to beat diabetes? It can help you effectively manage and drastically reduce the risk of Type 2 diabetes.

If you constantly feel drained of energy and fatigued, you must have chia seeds regularly. Chia seeds are known to keep fatigue away. The high levels of magnesium in chia seeds is known to counter the effects of extreme fatigue and stress.

Want a superfood for your skin? Eat chia seeds. These are a rich source of anti-oxidants. Regular consumption of chia seeds will give you clear, smooth skin.