With the monsoon in full swing, many parts of the country have become lush green. The verdant carpets across the mountain ranges make for not just like-worthy Instagram photos, but they are also good for physical and mental health. Hiking across these green landscapes always makes you feel fresh, vibrant and stress-free. A new research published in the Journal of Health & Place has now shown that spending some time in green open spaces can actually help bring down cravings for alcohol, cigarettes, and harmful foods. The results of this study showed that having access to a garden was linked to lower craving strength and frequency. These unhealthy cravings have been found to be responsible for serious health concerns like cancer, obesity, and diabetes. The study has established that exposure to green spaces will help in reducing your risk of these conditions too. Here are some health-related reasons why we must do every bit to conserve green spaces in our cities and villages.Also Read - Delhi Ranks World's Most Polluted City Again, Second Is...

Natural air purifiers: In an era when indoor air purifiers have become common, we must strive to help plant more trees in our surroundings. After all, trees are natural air purifiers which help in reducing carbon dioxide and provide us with more oxygen. Trees are an excellent way of reducing air pollution and thus helping reverse climate change. Also Read - In Delhi, Air Pollution Can Reduce Life Span By Almost 10 years: Study

Better mental health: Numerous studies have proven that green spaces have been linked to lower mental distress and higher well-being. Deep breathing, running, doing yoga or even simply walking in nature will help melt away your stress and give you instant energy. It is highly recommended that you spend at least a few minutes of the day in a garden or a park where you have access to greenery. Also Read - 99% Of World's Population Breathes Air That Exceeds Quality Limits, Says WHO 

Better recovery: Studies have shown that gazing into green landscapes and spending time surrounded by trees will help speed up recovery and rehabilitation post surgery. This is why hospitals and nursing homes are surrounded by trees and plants and gardens.