Kajal or kohl is the most essential part of any woman’s makeup kit. Kajal can make or break your look. When applied properly it can make you look like a goddess. It has been used traditionally to outline the eyes since a long time, but has now started gaining popularity in the cosmetic world. A lot of people find it intimidating to apply kajal, but gradually practice makes this look less like a chore. We share with you how to apply kajal like a pro in three different ways. There is also a little bit of prepping that you need to do before applying kajal. Read on to know the prepping as well.Also Read - After 2 Hours, Sunscreens With Zinc Oxide Ingredient Can Become Toxic: Study

Before applying kajal clean your skin, this will prevent the smudging of kajal due to excess oil and sweat on your skin. So clean your skin using a makeup remover, then dip a cotton pad in cool water and wipe your eyelids. If you have dark circles, use a concealer to cover the area before applying kajal, but use a concealer that matches with your natural skin tone and blend it well. Also Read - Astringents VS Skin Toners: Which is Best For You? Shahnaz Husain Reveals

Now the key to choosing the right kajal is as per your wish and how you are going to use it. You can choose a liquid kajal, kajal in form of gel which comes with an applicator wand, in powder or just a typical kajal pencil. (ALSO READ Makeup products you should not share: 9 beauty products and tools that you need to stop sharing with your BFF). Also Read - Face Yoga: Make Your Face Look Sharper By Trying These Facial Exercises Using Spoons | Watch Video

1. Traditional waterline edging

To apply kajal in the traditional way, gently pull down your eyelid using the ring finger of your non-dominant hand and tilt your head slightly upward so that you can see your waterline. The waterline is essentially the the part above your lower lash line. The lower rim of the eye where you need to start applying kajal starting from the inner corner to the outer edge by dragging the tip of the kajal or kohl pencil. Retrace the line twice or more to get a dark and dramatic look. If you have sensitive eyes you can also apply the kajal below the waterline. (ALSO READ How to fill in eyebrows? Step-by-step guide to define your eyebrows like a pro!).

Now close the eye and start working on the upper lash line by running the kohl pencil on the upper lash line in such a way that it thickens towards the outer edge. Try to work this in one smooth motion to get perfectly kohled eyes.

2. Double winged style

Now that you know how to apply kajal the traditional way, you are now ready to experiment a little bit more. To get the double winged style kohl, apply the kajal to your upper lash line by tilting your head slightly forward and lining the upper lash line with the tip of the kajal pencil. Gently press the kajal pencil and glide it over the lash line moving towards the outer corner. And once you reach the outer corner, draw a titled line at a 45-degree angle. Connect this to the mail line and thicken the line with short strokes. Gradually thicken the line from the mid-eye to the tip of the outer wing so that it naturally expands toward the wing and meets the wing tip at a point.

Now apply the kajal along the lower lash line, moving from the inner corner toward the outer corner in a single motion. You have to keep this line fine. Then draw a curved outer edge line at the lower lash line, which should be shorter than the upper lash line wing. And do not thicken the lower wing line like the upper lash wing. (ALSO READ Makeup removal tips: 3 best ways to remove your makeup before bed).

3. Subtle smoky eye look

To get the subtle smoky eye look, first, apply the kajal to your water line. Start lining from the outer corner towards the inner corner and make sure you apply generous amount of kajal and if you have small eyes, apply more towards the outer corner of your eyes, this trick will open up your eyes. Now to begin with the smokey eye look, make sure that the lower rim of eye is heavily kohled. Then start gently smudging it using a brush. Apply the kajal also on the rim of the upper lid to give an illusion of wearing an eyeliner. This will also open up your eyes more. To add intensity apply and make it crease proof, apply a little bit of eye shadow of the same color of your kajal with an applicator brush and seal it in.