Adding a dash of mascara can not only enhance your eyelashes, but it can also make your eyes pop and draw attention to your eyes. But if not done right, then you can end up with clumpy lashes, which can be a major eye makeup disaster. Earlier we had shared some mascara hacks to get fuller, longer and voluminous lashes, here we share with you a step-by-step guide to apply mascara perfectly. This makeup guide will help you to apply mascara like a pro. Here’s how you can apply mascara perfectly and flaunt your beautiful long lashes.Also Read - Astringents VS Skin Toners: Which is Best For You? Shahnaz Husain Reveals

STEP 1: Before you begin applying the mascara to your lashes, prep and prime your eyes. Apply some primer to your eyelids and then use a neutral color palette of eyeshadow and apply a hint of eyeshadow on your eyelids. Also, using a black eyeliner, define your eyes. (ALSO READ How to apply your eyeliner perfectly? Tips to use three different eyeliners to get the perfect look!). Also Read - Face Yoga: Make Your Face Look Sharper By Trying These Facial Exercises Using Spoons | Watch Video

STEP 2: Now that you have done the basic eye makeup, start curling your lashes with a lash curler. To use it place the curler upright at the base of your upper lash line and squeeze the curler handle with slight grip, hold it for a few seconds. Move your way up starting from roots to tip of your lashes. Also Read - Mira Kapoor's Makeup Routine is a Guide for People Who Have Never Done Makeup Ever

How to apply mascara: Step-by-step guide to apply mascara perfectly to make your eyes pop!

STEP 3: Now that you have curled your lashes, grab the mascara tube and swirl the mascara wand around to get the mascara on all bristles. Never pump the wand in and out of the tube. Pushing it in and out, pushes air into the tube, making the mascara clumpy.

STEP 4: To coat your lashes, start at the roots of your upper lash line and apply it  with a wriggling motion. Starting from the roots will ensure that there is more volume at the roots. (ALSO READ How to apply kajal? 3 different ways to apply kohl for beautiful eyes).

How to apply mascara: Step-by-step guide to apply mascara perfectly to make your eyes pop!

STEP 5: Repeat the same step for lower lashes. But since they are much smaller, you can hold the mascara wand vertically and run along your eyelashes to coat them evenly.

STEP 6: If you see any clumps on your lashes, brush it out using a clean wand. (ALSO READ Tips to do your makeup right when you’re running late).

How to apply mascara: Step-by-step guide to apply mascara perfectly to make your eyes pop!

STEP 7: After the first coat, apply another coat. This will give your lashes more volume. And if you want your lashes to look fuller, you can dust translucent powder in between the first and second coat. This will add instant volume to your lashes, without using false lashes.

STEP 8: Let the mascara dry a little and then use the curler again if required. (This step is optional)

STEP 9: The final step is to remove any mascara smudges around your eyes. To remove the smudges, dip a cotton swab into makeup remover and gently use it to wipe off any unnecessary mascara smudges.

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