Gymming regularly has tons of health benefits. But apart from the workouts, you also need to make sure that you’re wearing the right kind of clothes to your gym. We know you want to look good while you’re working out, but that doesn’t mean that you go for just about any material or style. It is important to let your skin breathe and for the sweat to dry off in order to avoid infections and keep you feeling fresh. Everything from your t-shirts and shorts or tights to your underwear, gym workout clothes need to be comfortable enough to work out in so that you can focus on your exercises instead of adjusting your clothes.

When choosing a T-shirt or shorts or pants, make sure that they are not too tight or too loose. While a tight pant may make you uncomfortable while working out, a loose t-shirt may get stuck in some gym equipment. Clothing should never cause any hindrance. Make sure that the pants allow you to stretch comfortably. Certain materials like lycra, Capilene or polypropylene are suitable for workout clothes. Cotton may seem convenient, but it tends to stick to your body after you have sweated.

Your underwear, too, needs to be comfortable. Yogesh Kabra, Founder of XYXX says, “Chafing, bunching, wedgies, rashes are some of the common problems observed by men who like to hit the gym often. Your underwear should be tight enough to keep things in place. An appropriately tight underwear can help you focus more on the workout. You obviously want to keep your package ventilated for a comfortable experience. Also, you must see to it that the elastic is not too tight, so it does not leave marks on your waist. Wearing the same underwear for days or not washing it regularly can put you in some serious trouble. The sweat and bacteria contribute to some deadly infections and it is best to wash your underwear after every use and discard it after a few months.”