We do not usually associate the word stress with student life but being a student is not easy. All the fun aside, students have to take care of their assignments, projects, homework and EXAMS! Many students feel stressed and under too much emotional and mental pressure. Stress may lead to other complications like eating disorders, lack of appetite, insomnia and lack of concentration. There are many factors that cause stress like juggling with a part time job and studies, feeling home sick or lonely or having a bad relationship. These stressful situations give rise to psychological, physical and behavioral reactions. Students may feel scared or experience increased heart beat, headaches, heavy breathing. Some may even turn to drugs or alcohol to escape from the situation. It is important to manage the stress to enjoy your student life. Here are some tips to cope with the pressure and stress of student life. (ALSO READ 5 best brain foods students should eat during exams) Also Read - Karnataka CET Exam 2021 Date Announced, Registration To Begin on July 15

1. Time management

The fear of running out of time triggers stress. Managing time will help you to stay calm and relaxed. Make a time table for your daily studies and tasks. The important thing to remember while making a work schedule is to keep it real and simple. Set priorities and keep a reminder for all the deadlines. Make sure your work schedule includes eight hours of sleep, frequent breaks during study time and time to relax. Also Read - Class 10 Exams Postponed in Andhra Pradesh, Govt to Review Again in July

2. Exercise

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Working-out will not only keep your body healthy but will help you to stay active and focused. You can go for walking or work out in the gym. You body produces endorphin when you exercise and this makes you feel good. Doing sports or practicing yoga will also help. Doing yoga will relax your body and calm your mind.(ALSO READ: Foods to Eat After Gym: 6 best and yummy post-workout foods).

3. Talk it out

According to studies, talking to your friend just once a week can decrease the stress levels and makes you happy. If you have just joined a new school or college and do not have a friend, talk to the counselor or the therapist offered by the school/college. Talk to them about the problems you face or whenever you feel like talking to someone. This will help in reducing the stress.

4. Meditate

Meditation student

It may seem boring but it will help to calm your mind. You will not need anything to do meditation. Just sit quietly for five to ten minutes daily focusing on your breathing. This technique will relax you and reduce stress levels. (ALSO READ Student-made commercial for Adidas gets ignored by Adidas, loved by the internet)

5. Take rest

Give your body and mind some rest. While it is important to study hard to succeed, your body needs rest to work efficiently the next day. So, have a good night’s sleep and take breaks frequently during your study time. Go to bed if you are sleepy and get sufficient sleep. Set a timetable for your studies and your free time. This will help you to be more relaxed.

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