A kiss is said to build or break a potential relationship.  And if you intend to take your relation with that hot guy forward, you have to kiss him like there is no tomorrow. A kiss is all it should take for him to crave for you and want you. Now kissing is a technique that can be mastered only with some practice and tips. Imagine you go out on a date with a really hot chick and when you are about to kiss her, a foul smell emits from her mouth. An absolute turn off that would be right. So to avoid such goof ups or be at the receiving end of such turn offs, here are some really handy tips on how to french kiss. Now are you wondering what exactly a French kiss is? A French kiss is any kiss that is done deeply with a lot of tongue work. French kiss got its name from the French in the 20th century because they were pretty popular at that time for passionate kisses.  So if you want your kiss to be a perfect one and to lead to other things, the French kiss is what you should opt for.  And no matter how cliche or cheesy it sounds, kissing is definitely an art. Here are some tips on how to kiss. Also Read - 6 Dead as Cyclone Tauktae Batters Goa, Karnataka, Kerala; Gujarat Braces For Impact | Key Points

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1. Be mentally prepared for the moment

This is one of the most important rules about kissing. You need to be mentally prepared and confident about the moment.  You should be all set for your kissing moment. From looking good to smelling good, you need to make sure that you are also ready physically. Also Read - Italian Open 2021 Final Highlights, Rafael Nadal vs Novak Djokovic Score Updates: Nadal Reigns In Rome

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2. Set up a good ambiance

Now by a good ambiance we don’t mean you have to set up a bed of roses or wait for a full moon day. For a good and cozy ambiance, all you need to do is pick a place that is less crowded and peaceful. A quiet environment with nobody except you and your date’s sound is an apt place for kissing.  A room, park or a simple couch is also good too. The setting plays a very important role for a good French kiss.

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3. Wait for the right moment

You can’t kiss your partner at any given moment. If you do so, it will only be weird and awkward. You have to wait for the right moment to have the perfect kiss.  If you two are in a restaurant or at a movie, you need to be sure that even your partner is prepared for the kiss. Look into your partner’s eyes and keep looking for some time. You will know when the moment is right, at that moment, lean towards your love and close your eyes. From here on, everything that happens will be cherished by you forever.

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4. Feelings of attraction should be mutual

This is something that all of us need to follow strictly. You can’t just go and kiss somebody even without being sure about his/her feelings. You have to be sure that whatever feelings you have, it is mutual.  Consent is very important, only then will a French kiss be the way it is supposed.

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5. Touch your partner’s face

Before you are about to kiss your partner touch your love’s face. This will evoke a sense of sensuality and pleasure.  After this the kiss has to be good.

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6. Use tongue but don’t go overboard

French kiss is supposed to more about tongue and sensuality. Use of tongue is encouraged but do not go overboard. Touch your partner’s lips and tongue with your tongue. When we say do the tongue work, you need to be extra careful that you do not end up licking her like she is some ice cream.

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7. Open your mouth widely

When you do the French kiss, you need to open your mouth widely.   It gets you both closer and increases the passion.  French kiss also mean locking of the lip. So when you open your mouth you need to kiss your partner’s lower lip and suck it in.  Do this in a slow and smooth motion.

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8. Continue touching while kissing:

Do not leave your hands loose when you are kissing your love. Any form of touch will just add to the spark.  The perfect touch is when you hold her face and kiss. This is one of the sexiest forms of French kiss and you kiss her like you mean it.

This form of kissing is a not an alternative to making out, but if a French kiss done rightly, it can lead to one. Apart from all the tips that we mentioned, another very important thing that you need to take care of is that you do not smell bad.  You need to make them fell that you genuinely like them and want to kiss them with all your heart. So smelling good, slow and soft touches and holding of the hands all go a long way in French kissing.  So the next time you have a date and you know it will lead to French kiss, you can remember these tips.

Watch this video to know how it is done!