A good scalp massage can help you to feel great. A good massage can ward off or minimize headache, it relives stress and is also is a great way to help improve blood circulation to your scalp. But if you are not able to go out to a spa to indulge in scalp massages, we share with you how you can yourself a scalp massage. Giving yourself a scalp massage is very easy and the best part is you can do it anywhere. If you want to relieve tension at your workplace, or while lazying at home or whenever you want to relax you can. This step-by-step guide will help you to nail the technique of scalp massage like a pro. It can be done anywhere without the need for anything. So go on and try to give yourself a relaxing massage. (ALSO READ  How to use dry shampoo: 5 steps to apply dry shampoo and flaunt squeaky clean hair).

STEP 1: Sit in a comfortable place and start the massage by placing the fingers of both hands on your forehead in a way so that they meet one another at the center of your forehead. Rest the thumbs on your temples.

STEP 2: Apply some pressure as you press the area and then release. Make the pressure firm. (ALSO READ
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STEP 3: Then move slightly further up your forehead. Repeat the same technique of applying pressure while pressing at then releasing near the hairline. Repeat the press and release movement.

STEP 4: Keep moving further up and work thoroughly on your scalp bit by bit. Repeat the pressure and release movement. (ALSO READ Summer haircare: 6 haircare tips to make your tresses summer ready!).

STEP 5: When you move to the top of your head, apply pressure to your head. From the top, move down the back of your scalp.

STEP 6: Continue pressing down the center of your hairline, moving the fingers down in the same position and the thumbs at the side to provide some support. When you reach the base of your skull, return to the front. (ALSO READ Here’s why you need to add a spoonful of sugar to your shampoo!).

STEP 7: When you start the second round of scalp massage, position your hands in such a way that this time your fingers won’t be meeting. Repeat the press and release movement, just like before, moving up and then down the scalp as before. (ALSO READ How to wash your hair? Here’s how to avoid common mistakes and wash your hair the right way!).

STEP 8: Once you reach the back of your scalp, return and repeat. This time, make the gap between your fingers and the center line of your head about 1 inch on either side, which means your fingers should now be almost on the sides of your head.  Repeat the press and release movement.

STEP 9: When you are comfortable with the massaging technique start to  synchronize it with your breathing.  Use the press and release movement in sync with inhaling and exhaling. Soon you will notice that you will feel more calm, relaxed and also your scalp will be refreshed post all the massaging.Here is another way to self-massage your scalp.

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