Rejection hurts. No matter what’s the reason behind the rejection or how sweetly or kindly a person has rejected you, it causes a lot of pain and affects you deeply. If you think it can only cause emotional and psychological pain, you are mistaken. It leads to physical pain too, says a research published in the journal, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. How do you feel when you mistakenly spill hot tea on your arms? Burning pain, right? You go through the pain of same intensity while you look at the picture of someone whom you loved but received a rejection in return.Also Read - Common Relationship Mistakes You Commit as Per Your Zodiac Sign

Rejection is not easy to handle and can push people to do unthinkable. Some people go to extreme and commit suicide after they face a rejection. This shows, they are not as mentally strong as you. A recent example of this is the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput. According to reports, he was rejected by Bollywood and was losing on projects. He couldn’t handle this and committed suicide by hanging himself from a fan at his residence in Mumbai. To prevent any such happening in future, here we tell you how to face rejection. Also Read - Here is How to Improve Your Relationship And Bring Excitement in Your Romantic Life

Boost Your Self-Confidence

Rejection impacts your self-confidence, the most. Once you face a refusal, you start questioning your self-worth. If somebody doesn’t want you in his life, it doesn’t mean you are good for nothing. It only means that you two are not meant to be together. Everyone is unique. So, nobody can be either better or worse than anyone. Demeaning or devaluing yourself is the most damaging thing that you can do after getting rejected. Also Read - Signs That Show, Your Relationship is Going Strong And Has a Long-Lasting Future

Try to Find Out The Positive Aspect of Rejection

You must have heard a common saying, “Everything happens for a reason.” Believe it or not, it is true. If a person has rejected you, somebody else will accept you the way you are. And, nothing can be better than that. How would you feel if a person whom you loved, accepted your proposal and then started cribbing about your personality, nature, job etc.? How would you feel if he would want to change you? Pathetic, right? So, stop making efforts for being with the wrong person. The right one will eventually come to you and you must accept him with open heart.

Look For Emotional Support

Seeking help doesn’t make you a coward. It proves that you are brave and accepts your reality. A piece of good advice and emotional support can protect many lives. So, instead of succumbing to negative emotions and feeling of self-pity, seek the help of your friends or family. Express yourself and address your pain and sufferings.