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How to increase breast size: 5 quick tips to enlarge your breasts without surgery

Women, do you envy the well-endowed girl in your office and wish you had bigger breasts? Then stop worrying and try these tips to enlarge your breasts.

Updated: November 28, 2016 6:32 PM IST

By Chethana Prakasan

How to increase breast size: 5 quick tips to enlarge your breasts without surgery

Big breasts always catch our attention and yes, women check out a voluptuous lady as often as their male counterparts. Most of the women want to increase the size of the dearies as they are not happy about their size. We are sure that you must have done your research on this and knows the number of methods for it. One of the most common ways to increase the size of the breast is breast augmentation surgery. But, are you willing to go under the knife to get that perfect look? Moreover, breast augmentation surgeries are not feasible for many women. Apart from surgery, there are many tips and tricks to make your breasts bigger in size and although, you cannot change the size of your breast drastically, these tips will help you to enhance the breast size and make it look bigger. So, read on for some of the tips to make your breasts look big and beautiful. (ALSO READ Unhook your bra: Go braless to bed for the sake of your boobs!)

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1. Breast exercise

One of the best ways to enhance your breast size naturally is by exercising. Exercising will not only make you fit and healthy, it is also an effective and inexpensive way to increase the size of your breast. You need to target your pectoral muscles for this. Pectoral muscles are located directly under your breasts and on the breastbone. Exercising these muscles will result in firm and perkier breasts. You can do the following exercises three times a week at home to work out your pectoral muscles.

  • Planks: Planks are great for your whole body. Lie on your stomach and then prop up by supporting your body weight on your arms and toes. You will have to keep your bent arm directly underneath your shoulders and body straight. Hold this position for two minutes initially and later, increase the time.

  • Push-ups: Push-ups are another good exercise for your chest. Get into plank position with your palms and toes on the ground. Your arms should be directly underneath your shoulders. Keeping your back straight, lower your body to just graze the floor and then push back up. This is one push up. Do 5 sets of three push-ups. To target your chest muscles specifically, keep your palms wider than your shoulder.

  • Wall press: Stand in front of a bare wall and place your palms flat against it at shoulder level. Now, bending your elbows, lean towards the wall until your chin/chest touches the wall. Hold this position for two to three seconds and then push back. Your back should be straight during this exercise. Do 5 sets of 3 wall press.

  • Chest press: Lie back on the floor or an inclined bench. Hold a dumbbell in each hand. Lift up the dumbbells over your chest by straightening your arms. Slowly bring the dumbbells down to the original position. Do three sets of 10 to 12 chest press.

2. Eat food for breasts

fenugreek shutterstock_339820310

The food you eat has a direct effect on your body. If you are eating lots of junk food then it will show in your health and skin. Eating specific nutrients will maintain the overall health of your breasts. According to studies, low level of estrogen hormone in women can result in smaller breasts. Estrogen is the hormone produced by your body during puberty for the development of the female reproductive system and secondary sex characteristics like breasts.  You can eat foods rich in phytoestrogen or plant estrogen, which is said to enhance breast size. Cashew, fennel, brown rice, sesame seeds, carrots, plums, white wine, oats, cucumber and green tea are some of the food rich in phytoestrogen. Fenugreek also contains a good amount of phytoestrogen. Even better, eat fenugreek sprouts.

Another way to make your breasts look bigger is to consume vitamin C, which will help in restoring collagen. Collagen is a protein that gives breasts their shape and holds them up. So, by strengthening collagen you will get perkier breasts.

3. Breast massage

Breast size shutterstock_263795081

Another way to increase your breast size is by massaging.  Massaging your boobs will improve blood circulation in your chest promoting the overall health of your breast. It will not only make your breasts bigger, it is also good for the skin. The right way to massage your breasts is by applying oil (you can use fenugreek oil) or breast cream on your breasts and rubbing them in a circular motion. Your hands should move towards the middle of your body from the outside. Massage your breasts every day for at least 15 minutes.

4. Wear right bra

Right bra shutterstock_500589679

Wearing right bra will go a long way in shaping your breasts. If you are not wearing your correct size, then your breasts sag. It is really important to wear a bra of correct size during puberty to promote proper growth of breasts. You will feel more confident and your breasts will look amazing in the right bra. The right size bra will give proper support and comfort to your breasts. So, invest in some good bras.

5. Good posture

posture shutterstock_480863857

Walk straight! You must have heard this thousand of times when you were young and believe us good posture will make a world of difference. Exercise to strengthen your back and maintain a good posture. This will help you make your breasts appear bigger.

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