The kidneys play a vital role in the functioning of our body as they act as a filter to strain out waste products that are harmful to the system. They also help in maintaining blood pressure and in the production of red cells which are crucial for our body to function normally. The monsoons bring joy and relief from the scorching heat but at the same time, it brings along infectious diseases. It is the best time for micro-organisms to grow, cause damage and destroy our cells.Also Read - Post Pregnancy Diet: 5 Nutrition Tips for New Mothers

It is very important to safeguard ourselves from the rage of diseases during this season. With an indefinite increase of various ailments during the season, the two main causes include contaminated water and food and mosquitos. Puddles in the city make it an apt place for mosquitos to breed; Malaria, leptospirosis, dengue, typhoid, acute gastroenteritis, hepatitis A, and hepatitis E are prime examples and could lead to renal inflammation which may further lead to kidney failure. Also Read - 12 Daily Habits You Must Follow For 66 Days For a Happy & Productive Life

Here are a few precautions by Dr Ajit Kumar Singh, Nephrologist, NephroPlus Dialysis centre, Purnea, Cooch Behar & Siliguri that one must take to ensure overall health and avoid kidney infection during this season:
• Clean surroundings help to keep unwanted micro-organisms at bay. It is advisable to keep the most touched/used surfaces clean regularly Also Read - Prosopagnosia- A Condition Due to Which People Can Not Recognise Faces, Doctor Speaks

• Drinking water should be boiled or filtered before consumption. It is advisable to follow these steps before drinking as it the most common source of infection during the rainy season

• Food prepared outside your home may not be of superior quality. They may use contaminated water and other ingredients posing a risk to your health. It is advisable to eat fresh home-cooked food for staying disease-free

• Hands are the most common sources of infections and thus it is vital to wash hands properly; especially, when you begin and end your meals

• Our electronic gadgets may also carry harmful micro-organisms and should be cleaned at regular intervals. This will reduce the risk of transmission of infections

• Ensure that you are eating freshly cut fruits as pre-cut fruits pose a risk of accruing micro-organisms. It is advisable to peel fruits before consuming as the outer skin has a chance of containing germs.

• It is very tempting to get wet during the rainy season and fun to get dirty once in a while. But ensure that you clean yourself as soon as you get back home. Try not to touch other things or people to avoid spreading germs

• One should try and remove shoes outside the premises of the house to avoid any infection from entering your house

• Sugar levels should be kept in control for the health of your kidneys. High glucose levels can harm your kidneys badly during the rainy season.