So, you want to lose weight and you are counting your calories, doing yoga and following the diet plan. But then there is a party in your office and you are gorging on pizza and gulping down the cocktails. There goes all the efforts you took to lose few kilos. There are several other better ways to boost your metabolism and quicken the process of weight loss that do not include crazy exercise routines or weird diets leaving you hungry and tired. Small changes and switches in your daily routine will help your to lose more weight than you do by dieting occasionally. These changes will also improve your metabolism. Here’s some of the quick and easy ways to off load that extra kilos.Also Read - Can Green Tea Help in Reducing the Weight? Here’s What the Expert Says

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1. Drink green tea

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Green tea contains catechins, which are metabolism enhancing antioxidants. It is also known for its cancer-fighting properties. According to study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, drinking green tea extract thrice a day increased the metabolic rate 4 percent. Researchers found that around 60 additional calories were burned in a day in those who drank green tea extract. 60 calories in a day means around 2.7 kilos in a year.

2. Cut back on sugar, sugary drinks

This is one of the important step towards weight lose. Sugary food and drinks are what we turn to for comfort but one you get over this, you will feel better than ever. Once your stop consuming sugar, you will see that you no longer experience mood swings and anxiety. Sugar is one of the most fattening foods and avoiding it will help you to lose weight easily.

3. Decrease the number of time you eat out in a week

The yummy gravy you eat in the restaurant is loaded with fat and eating out most of the days will make you gain weight easily. Cut down the number of time you order food or go out and even when you are going to a restaurant for dinner or lunch go for grilled chicken and veggies instead of fried dishes.

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4. Cut the salt

The recommended daily value is no more than 2,400 milligram of sodium daily. However, we end up eating double the amount in a day. Sodium leads to water retention in your body and it makes you feel and look bloated. Control the amount of salt you are having with your food by checking the amount of salt in your packed snack and soups.

5. Get eight hours of sleep

Sleep is another important factor that will help you to lose weight fast. Being deprived of sleep can make you fat as it may slow down your metabolic rate and you might be tempted to eat late-night snack and munchies. Your body need eight hours of sleep for repair and restoration. You will be able to burn little more calories when you are well rested.

6. Eat every meal and avoid processed food

Do not skip your meals, it will not help you to lose weight. In fact, when you skip your meal, your body slows down the metabolism thinking that there is a shortage of food. Your body will burn less of calories to conserve energy and this will lead to deposition of unwanted fat. So, if you want to lose weight, then have your meal on time or keep a healthy snack in your bag, so that you are not running around your office empty stomach. Select a snack that is healthy and not the processed junk food you get in the market. You can eat whole food like fruit or vegetable salad.

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7. Eat food rich in iron

You need to eat iron because this metal is responsible to take oxygen to your cells and this will boost your metabolism. Get your fill of iron by eating food like soya nuts, beetroot and red meat.

8. Have healthy breakfast of 300 calories

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and you must eat around 300 calories. Include whole grain and a mix of protein in your breakfast. Prepare whole wheat sandwich with fresh veggies. You can also add fresh apples or apple butter. You can also eat this sandwich as a snack in between meals.

9. Swap your ice cream with low-cal snacks

Clean your pantry and throw away all the oily, high-fat snack items and replace it with healthy food. With foods like ice cream in your home, you tend to over indulge. So, instead of fatty snack food items, store low-cal food like roasted nuts and cereals in your pantry. You will instantly see the difference once you change your eating habits.

10. Eat more proteins

You must include protein in your every meal. Your meal should ideally contain a protein source a low-carb vegetable and a fat source. Eating protein has shown to increase your metabolic rate. Diets rich in protein can decrease the temptation to have late-night snacks and decreases food though by 60%. You should also eat low-carb vegetables like spinach, broccoli and cauliflower for faster weight loss.

11. Avoid alcohol

You might like your glass of wine with your meal but it is advisable to wash down your food with water. Alcohol will slow the metabolism. According to a study, when alcohol was included in a meal, more fat was stored in the body. And it is very difficult the munchies if you are drinking alcohol.