Are you planning a New Year party and want to fit into that sexy LBD? We bring you a healthy way to lose weight in just seven days. That means you will be in shape for your New Year party and the best part is you will not starve. This plan will not only help you lose three to five kilos in a week but also will make your skin glow and improve your digestive system. Here is the condition, prepare yourself to go through this and hide away your weighing scale. Get ready to rock the New Year party. (ALSO READ Follow Raees item girl Sunny Leone’s workout and diet plan to get sexy body!)

Day 1, Saturday


Day 1 is the fruits day. Eating fruits will help you to flush out the toxins from your body. Fruits are great for detoxification. The fruits you should eat for weight loss are pear watermelon, apple and all citrus fruits like orange and sweet lime. Begin your day by drinking a glass of warm lime juice. You can make it by adding three tablespoon of lemon juice and 2 tablespoons of honey to warm water. Mix it and drink it every morning on all the seven days. For breakfast have two apples and some other fruit like pomegranate. Eat different fruits throughout the day, whenever you feel hungry. There is no limit on the amount of fruits you are eating. You are not allowed to drink fruit juice.

To make the diet more effective, combine it with low-intensity exercises like brisk walking for at least 30 minutes. Drink 10 glasses of water. (ALSO READ Salman Khan, Aamir Khan & Parineeti Chopra: 9 most extreme celebrity body transformations of 2016)

Day 2, Sunday


Vegetable day. Eat lots and lots of vegetables. You can either eat the vegetables raw or cook it with little salt and pepper. Remember, do not add any oil, butter or cheese or ghee. Just like the first day, you can eat as much as you want. Start your day with warm lime juice. For breakfast, eat 1 boiled potato. Eat small portions every two to three hours. Drink 10 glasses of water as there are many health benefits of water.

Day 3, Monday


On the third day you can eat both fruits and vegetables. However, stay away from potatoes and bananas. Again, do not add any oil, butter or cheese or ghee. You can boil the veggies or eat it raw. Drink at least 12 glasses of water. (ALSO SEE The exact number of calories burned during different sex positions revealed!)

Day 4, Tuesday


Day 4 is the banana day.  You can eat 10 bananas on this day along with 1 low-cal soup and three glasses of milk. This is the most difficult day of the diet. You would want to give up on this day, but have patience. You have reached the fourth day, congratulations, and you have it in you to continue for another three days. Drink at least 12 glasses of water. Go for a brisk walk. You can follow the recipe given here to make the low-cal soup or use your own recipe for it. Take 750ml of water add onion rings, three tomatoes, cabbage shreds and 1 carrot. Boil it till all the vegetables are properly cooked. Drink it whenever you are hungry. Do not forget to go for a brisk walk. (ALSO SEE These 10 hottest yoginis of Instagram are giving us some serious fitspiration!)

Day 5, Wednesday



Day 5’s highlight is the tomato. You can have five tomatoes on this day along with a small bowl of brown rice, a glass of buttermilk and a bowl of soup. Have tomatoes at different intervals. Drink at least 10 glasses of water and go for a walk. Just two more days to go guys!

Day 6, Thursday


So, this is the sixth day and you are allowed to have lunch today. Have a bowl of brown rice with vegetables. Make sure that the veggies are not prepared using oil or ghee or butter. You can also have a bowl of soup. Drink eight to ten glasses of water today. By this day you will see a glow on your face. (ALSO SEE How to lose weight fast: 11 quick and easy ways to lose a lot of weight fast)

Day 7, Friday

rice bowl

On the final day, have a bowl of rice, fruit juice, vegetable salad and soup. Do not forget to drink 10 glasses of water and the brisk walk.

Now pull out the weighing machine and check your weight. We are sure you will be smiling looking at the scale. Good luck and have fun. (ALSO READ These were the most searched workouts of 2016).