Perfumes and deodorants claim to be long-lasting but don’t actually seem to fulfil their promise. We especially need them to work in summer, when we tend to sweat a lot because of the humid and hot weather. While there may be some perfumes and deodorants that may just not be good enough to help mask your body odour, there could be some that are doing their job but with no positive effect on you. The reason for this could be that you are probably not applying perfumes and deodorants properly in order to make them last long to leave you smelling fresh and fragrant. Here are some tricks that you have got to follow if you need your perfume and deodorant to work well for you:
Never apply perfume of deodorant on dirty, sweaty skin. Always use them on clean skin, after you have taken a bath or washed up.

Do not put the perfume or deodorant on your clothes. They are meant to be put on your skin and will be effective only then.

When applying a deodorant spray, you must hold the can about 10 to 15 cms away from your armpits and then spray. This ensures that the deodorant covers the full armpit area and that the droplets of the spray stay on your skin. Spraying it too close to your skin will not be as effective.

Always apply the deodorant spray or roll-on and then wait for it to dry completely before putting on your clothes. If you’re using a deodorant stick, you need not wait. This helps the deodorant absorb into your skin and cover your skin to provide protection from the sweat and stench.

Don’t share your deodorant roll-on and stick with others as they come into contact with your skin and hence transfer bacteria and other dirt when you pass it on to someone else or borrow someone’s deo.

When applying your perfume, spray or apply it on your pulse points: your inner wrists, below the ears, behind your knees, your navel, inner elbow area etc. These are slightly warm areas that can absorb the perfume and this will make the perfume last longer.