Hair massage improves the blood circulation in your scalp which leads to better hair and scalp health. If you want stronger, softer and shinier hair you need to pamper your locks with the goodness of an oil massage. Since your hair is exposed to pollution, dust and chemical-laden products, you hair needs a little bit of TLC on a regular basis. By giving yourself a hair oil massage you will restore the moisture and make your hair healthy. If you too are bothered with dull and lifeless hair that has been stripped of natural oil, hair oil massage will fix all your hair problems. (ALSO READ Home remedies for greasy hair: 7 natural ways to manage oily hair this summer). Also Read - Vedix Review: Ayurvedic Hair And Skincare Regime For Glowing Skin And Radiant Hair

But before you start with oiling your hair, you need to decide how many oils you want to use on your scalp. Depending on how intensive you want your oil treatment to be you can use a blend of oil to make the most of it. You can use carrier oil along with essential oils like tea tree oil, cedarwood, lavender. Essential oils can do wonders to your hair. Since essential oils are highly concentrated, they are diluted using a carrier oil. But you can also stick to applying just the carrier oils such as coconut oil or virgin olive oil. (ALSO READ How to give yourself a scalp massage? Step-by-step guide to give yourself a relaxing head massage). Also Read - How Does Anxiety Affect Our Skin And Hair?

Here’s step-by-step guide to oil your hair and scalp: Also Read - Holi-Proof Your Skin, Hair And Nails With These Essential Tips

STEP 1: Before you start oiling your hair, brush it so that you get rid of all the knots and tangles. This will make the process of oil application easy.

STEP 2: Section your hair into two parts for easy application. Split your hair right down the middle of your scalp. Pull one section  over your left shoulder and the other over your right shoulder. (ALSO READ Haircuts according to face shape: How to choose haircuts for round, oval, square and heart-shaped face).

STEP 3: Pour about one teaspoon of coconut oil or olive oil on your palm and rub your hands together to spread it well. Using your fingertips work it into your scalp thoroughly. Use circular motions to work the oil into the roots of your hair, use your fingertips to stimulate the scalp.

How to oil your hair: Step-by-step method to apply hair oil for hair growth and conditioning

STEP 4: Move in a consistent pattern and try to cover the entire scalp area. Do not neglect the back of your head. The area behind your ears and the area just above the nape also needs attention. Massage well in these areas.  (ALSO READ Hairstyle trends 2017: Hottest hair styling trends you need to try to look fabulous this year).

STEP 5: Each time you need to add one teaspoon of oil and work it into the scalp, so that it does not result in a dripping mess. Now that you have covered the entire scalp, start the application through the length of your hair. Take some oil, rub it onto your palms and run your hands through the length of your hair.

How to oil your hair: Step-by-step method to apply hair oil for hair growth and conditioning(1)

STEP 6: Massage your hair and scalp for about 10-15 minutes, comb your hair so that the oil spreads evenly and then tie your hair. Let the oil penetrate into your scalp for 30 minutes. You can also leave this overnight, but do not leave it on for more than 24 hours as your hair will start attracting dirt. Wash off the oil in the morning with a mild shampoo. (ALSO READ How to wash your hair? Here’s how to avoid common mistakes and wash your hair the right way!).

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