Monsoon is on its peak and some of you must have already started to experience hair fall. The increase in humidity during monsoon takes a toll on your hair and leads to various scalp-related issues like dandruff, itchiness, and fungal infection. These ailments are known to cause hair fall. As per experts, hair loss increases by up to 30 per cent during monsoon. So, do not be bothered by it as hair loss during this season is temporary and you can control it by just adhering to a certain change in your hair care routine. Here is what you need to do. Also Read - Hair Loss Treatment: 3 Permanent Ways to Get Rid of Constant Hair Fall

Avoid Use of Hair Styling Tools

Humidity makes your hair greasy and use of hair styling tools during a humid weather can make your tresses more prone to breakage. This can also cause dandruff and leave you scratching your scalp constantly. Also Read - How to Use These Miracle Herbs to Prevent Hair Fall

Cover Your Hair While Stepping Out

During monsoon, always cover your hair whenever you step out as not doing so can make your tresses wet. Your tresses take longer to dry during this humid climate as they absorb hydrogen from the atmosphere and swell. As a result of this, your hair looks frizzy. Also Read - Experiencing Too Much Hair Fall? Opt For These Home Remedies

Wash Your Hair Immediately After Taking Rain Bath

Firstly, you should avoid taking a rain bath. Secondly, if you are doing so to experience the rain, wash your hair immediately after that. This is important as rainwater contains chemicals and pollutants that can damage your hair by clogging your hair follicles. This can lead to dull, thin, and brittle hair. Taking rain shower also makes your scalp prone to fungal infection and itchiness. This results in hair fall.

Use a Mild Shampoo

Using strong shampoos during monsoon can make your hair more prone to damage. So, it is advised to use a mild shampoo. It will control your itching and other scalp-related issues. Buying and using an oil-controlling or anti-dandruff shampoo would be a wise decision.