As if hair removal is not tedious enough, we have to also deal with the niggling problem of ingrown hair. Ingrown hair refers to a common skin condition whereby the body hair grows inside the skin and leaves a tiny bump outside. Ingrown hair is a painful condition and if not looked after in time, this can turn into a bigger concern in the form of skin infections and boils. There are many things that can aggravate ingrown hair. You can follow a few tips to prevent ingrown hair and to make them go away faster. Here are some tips you can try:Also Read - These 6 Quick Tips Will Help You Solve Your Ingrown Hair Issue

Always exfoliate your skin every week. Once or twice should be enough. A lot of people think that exfoliation is just for the face. The fact is that your legs, hands, back, underarms and other parts of your body have dead cells on them too. These need to be scrubbed away gently for new skin to develop and grow. When you exfoliate, you slough away dead cells, dirt and germs away from your skin and the root of your body hair. As a result, your chance of getting ingrown hair drastically reduces. While using a mild scrub all over your body is a good idea, you must make sure not to do it on those parts that have sensitive skin. This includes your pubic area. When using an exfoliator, make sure to use one that is natural or one that doesn’t have harmful chemicals. Don’t over exfoliate as that could lead to pigmentation. Also Read - 3 Effective Ways to Get Rid of Ingrown Hair

Many women get ingrown hair after shaving and using epilators. A good idea would be to start waxing which usually doesn’t cause ingrown hair. If you are using a shaving razor or an epilator, you must make sure to exfoliate regularly. Also Read - Top things you need to know about ingrown hair and how to get rid of it

Suing a pumice stone has also been found to greatly reduce your chances of getting ingrown hair. Just use a pumice stone while you are bathing over those areas that usually get ingrown hair.