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How to propose to your girl? Get her to say a yes with these 6 special ways!

After this, she is sure to say yes!

Published: December 30, 2016 4:17 PM IST

By Shreya Suresh Kumar

How to propose to your girl? Get her to say a yes with these 6 special ways!

Have you ever asked a girl in love what her biggest dream or wish is? It has to be a dreamy, fairy tale like proposal. Indian men often do not have an idea about going down on knees and proposing to their girl for marriage. They often think, it has been said and discussed a million times, so why to ask now.  This is a very wrong notion. Even though you might have an idea that your girl will say a yes to you, you still need to propose to her. Do not be lazy and propose to her in the same old ways. Going down on a knee with a ring is okay, but not the best idea. So if you are planning to get married and haven’t asked your girl yet, this is the chance for you. Plan in detail, take help from her friends and do everything possible to make it special for her. This time it should be about her and not you. If you are clueless as to how to propose to your girl, we are here to help you. These are some easy ways that will help you propose to your girl in the most special ways. ALSO READ How to deal with break up? 7 ways to move on easily!

1. Just be yourself

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This is the first and the most important rule about proposing to your girl. You don’t have to overdo anything and put up a different face. Just be who you are and things will fall in place. You need to do what your heart says and what her heart wishes. Whatever you do, however special or romantic, it should be you and she should feel those vibes. (ALSO READ What it is like to be in a live-in relationship? These 6 things will tell you!).

2. A candle-lit dinner can never go out of style

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Candle lit dinners are one of the most classic ideas of a romantic date. It still is very popular among couples and can never be done and dusted. This is an ideal ambiance for you to propose to your long term girlfriend.  The dim lights, scenic views and may be some calm and soothing music makes for a perfect set up.  You can do this by either taking her out to a restaurant that has these set up all read for you. However if you want to give it a personal touch you can always create this mood and set up at your house and cook for her. This will give it a more personal touch.  You can also play your choice of songs that you also know are your girl’s favorite. (ALSO READ These are the 10 gifts your man actually wants from you!)

3. Pick a special day for your proposal

Ensure that you pick a special day for your proposal. It can the day when you guys first met or it can be the day when she first kissed you or anything else. Just ensure that it is a date that you both hold close to your heart.  This it will make the proposal a special one.  Remember that a marriage proposal is very important thus you need to put in efforts into picking the right date and place. ( ALSO READ Why long distance relationships work? 8 reasons why distance is harmless in love!)

 4. A holiday is the best time to go down on your knees

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Take her out for a vacation to some far off place. She will happily join you thinking it is just another holiday. Surprise her by proposing to her in this holiday. She will remember the trip lifelong.  Do your research well and ensure that you pick the right place. We are assuming that shouldn’t be a problem since India has no dearth of beautiful places.  If you can afford, you could also pick an international destination.  Do not ask her for marriage inside your hotel room- that is the last thing that you should do. Go out, pick a romantic spot and propose to her.(ALSO READ Signs of a jealous and possessive girlfriend: 10 red flags you simply cannot ignore!)

5. Buy a T-shirt with a message

This is one of the quirkiest ways of proposing to her.  Buy a T-shirt that has “Will you marry me” or “ Would you love to be my wife”. Wear this Tee during any of your regular dates. Go to a place where you guys often go or pick that place where you both first met. You need to wear a jacket over it and take her out. She will not have the slightest idea what’s waiting for her.  Once you reach the spot, place your order and while your food is on its way, just go down on your knees and take off your jacket. The look on her face will make you the happiest person on earth. (ALSO READ Top 10 things you will learn in the first year of your married life!).

proposal 4

6. Use glow in the dark sticker to propose

Buy the glow in the dark stickers and stick them up on the ceiling or anywhere else. Get into bed and call it a night. The minute you switch of the lights, she will be surprised to find these stickers that read, “Will you marry me.” You can add up to the romance by keeping a cake ready. If she says a yes, cut the cake for celebrating. (ALSO READ Which zodiac sign is the best kisser? This is what your stars tell about your kissing style!).

These are some of the most romantic and quirkiest ways of proposing to your girl. If you do a little bit of thinking, chances are you will come up with more ideas. Apart from picking the right spot, you also need to ensure that you gather all her favorite people so that they are witness to the most special day of your life.  They will also be helpful in capturing your moments.

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