A receding hairline is usually considered as the first sign of hair loss. It is more prevalent in women than in men. Receding hairline means the hair at the edge of your head is falling out but not growing back. There can be an array of reasons behind a receding hairline It may include alopecia, use of styling tools, chemicals, hair-dyes, weight loss, stress, deficiency of vitamin C, folate, iron, hormonal changes or even poor scalp hygiene.Also Read - Haircare Tips: Solution to Your Frizzy Hair Lies in Your Kitchen

Though medical treatments are available for stopping this hair loss pattern, they are quite expensive and everyone cannot afford them. Also, you must know that there is no cure available for a receding hairline. Through treatments and home remedies, you can only prevent further hair loss. Here we tell you about certain hair-care tips that may stimulate the growth of new hair and prevent further loss of tresses. Also Read - Haircare Tips: How to Use Castor Oil to Get Those Beautiful Tresses?

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Do not try tight hairstyles, for example, tight braids, ponytail etc. These styles can pull your tresses and cause hair fall. Leave your hair open until receding stops or you can tie it in a loose bun.

Tip 2

Do not comb wet hair as it can be stretched 70 per cent more than normal when wet. This can cause breakage. Additionally, do not use a hairdryer to dry your hair as too much heat can also cause hair loss.

Tip 3

Massage your hair and scalp regularly using a coconut, almond or castor oil. Notably, warm heat the oil before applying for better absorption and improved blood circulation.

Tip 4

Use the right hairbrush. For people who have curly hair, a bristle brush is perfect. Those with straight or wavy hair can opt for a wide-toothed comb.

Tip 5

Do not use hair products containing sulfate, silicones, and parabens as these chemicals are harsh on your hair and scalp and lead to damage and hair brittleness.

Tip 6

Wash your hair every third day for good hair hygiene. Also, do not forget to deep condition your hair as it can hydrate and nourish your tresses.