The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has made it compulsory to keep sanitising your hands and things around us to prevent catching the virus. It may sound an easy task but is quite frustrating and tough. We touch different surfaces uncountable times and sanitising them every time you came in contact with them is really daunting.Also Read - Vending Machine Installed at Chandigarh Railway Station to Dispense Masks, Sanitisers to Commuters

That is why the easiest way to avoid getting the infection is by staying home. But, with eased up restrictions, people are now moving out. To be safe, they are travelling in their vehicles. But is it safe to commute in your car? You step out of it and meet various people, sit on many surfaces and then come back to your vehicle.
This makes it one of the germiest places you expose yourself to. Also Read - With COVID-19 Bringing Limelight on Alcohol-Based Sanitisers, Makers Face Action For GST Evasion

But, taking a private vehicle is even more unsafe and scary. So, the best way to remain protected is by sanitising your car from inside. If you are travelling regularly, do not forget to disinfect your belongings placed inside your car. Here is how you need to clean and sanitise your car to keep the novel coronavirus infection at bay. Also Read - Soft Copies, 6 Feet Distance, Sanitisers: New Rules For Parliamentary Panel Meets

Sanitise the high touch areas in your car

Do not forget to clean tiny nooks and crevices. Spray a disinfectant on them and then wipe them off using a cotton cloth. Keep the armrest, display screen, radio control, gears, and paddle shifts clean. Sanitise them before you start driving. You can use any soap solution to disinfect these surfaces.

Do not forget to clean the seats

Seats are always ignored when it comes to cleaning the interiors of a car. Car seats accumulate germs and that can be hazardous for you during the current time. So, it is extremely important to wipe down seats especially if you have given a lift to someone.

Focus on steering wheel too

Steering wheel is one of the germiest surfaces you can ever touch. It is 4 times more contaminated than an average toilet seat. So, it is significant to clean and disinfect the steering wheel thoroughly.