Are you an ardent follower of fashion trends? Do you love buying clothes and dressing up? Does flaunting your new outfit gives you ultimate pleasure? If yes, lockdown must be proving hard on you. It is quite tough for a fashionista to ditch the urge to shop and stay at home in her boring casual outfits. But, you should not be disheartened. There are ways to keep yourself fashionable even during the lockdown and not let the fashion-monger in you die. Read further to know about the tips. Also Read - Designer Narendra Kumar FKNS Collection Showcases Life Amid COVID-19 Pandemic Through Fashion

Start donning work clothes at home

Are you working from home during the lockdown? If yes, you have got the much needed reason to wear work clothes. Pick up your best office attire and get into it. Start getting ready the way you used while the lockdown was not at all in the picture. This will give your inner fashionista, a much needed satisfaction. Donning your pyjamas all day can be really boring. Also Read - Thongs, High Heels And More: 7 Fashion Items That Are Damaging Your Health Really Badly And You Have no Idea

Reinvent your closet now

Initially, you were not getting time to bring any change in your closet. But now you have all the time in the world. So, what’s stopping you? Open your closet and start pulling out things that are of no use or out of fashion. You can also try mixing attires to get a completely new look and pair up outfits with different jewelleries. Wear them after the lockdown is over. Also Read - Mouni Roy's Quarantine Looks Are Enough to Impress Fashion Police

Follow your fashion icons and their styles online

Social media has made everything quite easy. When it comes to having an idea about trending style, what can be best than following your fashion icons on Instagram and get the idea? You can also keep yourself updated about the trends through pinterest.

Add fashion items to cart

There are various online shopping platforms. Though you cannot purchase anything right now, putting things in the cart can do no harm. Make a list of fashion items that you wish to buy post lockdown and start adding them to the cart and wait for the right moment to check out.