You may be taking care of all your health problems while travelling. But we’re sure that you ignore your dental health. Any dental emergency while travelling is scary and can be painful to deal with, the important part is to know how to deal with it when such a situation arises. Dr Sagar Shah,  cosmetic and implant dentist, 32 Reasons clinic, Mumbai shares some important pointers to keep in mind should one be faced with such an unpleasant dental problem.

If you do experience a toothache while on vacation, there are several strategies to try to reduce the pain. Here’s how you can deal with the different issues.

Infected Teeth: Infected teeth can become very painful. One can experience pain even due to pressure changes in the cabin during air travel. Start by rinsing your mouth with warm salt water and use dental floss to remove any food or debris that may be caught between teeth. Don’t put aspirin right on the gum or tooth, as it may burn the tissue. Take an anti-inflammatory medication for the pain until you can contact a dentist.

Cracked or broken tooth: Cold compresses will help keep swelling down. If pain is due to exposed dentin on a tooth, cover it with sugar-free gum or wax for up to 48 hours until you can reach a dentist. Avoid sweets and spices that may irritate the affected tooth.

For sudden wisdom teeth pain: It is advised to gargle your mouth with warm salt water three to four times a day. This helps to remove any debris or food particles stuck in there. Taking an anti-inflammatory med alleviates the symptoms for the time being. Topical application of an analgesic gel will also help soothe the gums in the affected area of wisdom teeth.

Bleeding gums: One must do warm salt water rinses as it helps subside the inflammation in the gums. One can also apply a gum ointment to soothe the bleeding gums. Use of an antibacterial mouthwash is recommended.