The novel coronavirus pandemic has made face masks, a significant part of our daily lives. We are not supposed to head out of our houses without wearing one. Though, covering your mouth and nose with a face mask feels suffocating, we are not left with any other option. The only thing that we can do to make it a bit comfortable is to opt for one with breathable fabric. Also, pick one that’s reusable as buying a new mask every time is not budget-friendly and possible for everyone. Also Read - 6,000 Devotees Per Day, Mandatory Face Masks And 6-Feet Distance: Tirupati Balaji Temple All Set to Reopen From Monday

As far as using, washing, and storing face mask are concerned, here is how you should go about these things. Also Read - What Even! Harvard Study Advices Couples to Wear Face Mask During Sex To Prevent COVID-19 Spread

How to Wear a Face Mask?

Firstly, wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds or using an alcohol-based sanitiser. Now, wear your mask ensuring that it covers your face and nose perfectly. Do not touch the outer layer of the mask while wearing it. You can watch a video below to know the right way to wear a face mask. The video was recently uploaded by the Ministry of Family and Welfare.
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How to Remove The Mask?

Before removing your face mask, clean your hands neatly or sanitise it. Take it off by touching the loop from behind the ears. If the mask is reusable, clean it right after removing it using warm water and soap and wash your hands too. Then keep the mask in the sunlight for a few hours and let it dry.

How to Store Your Face Mask?

Keep it in a reusable pouch away from the reach of children. Do not throw it anywhere in the house. Also, wash the cover every other day to prevent the risk of contamination.