Fantasizing a body like Hrithik Roshan is something that most of the people do. But, actually working hard to get those six packs is something that very few tries. Reaching there requires a lot than you imagine. The actor gained extra kilos for his role in the film, Super 30. And, he had to lose all the extra body weight for his next action thriller War. He went through a major body transformation for that. He recently took to his Instagram handle to post a video of his transformation journey.

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Post that, he is getting all the needed attention. In the video, you can see how tough his weight loss journey was. His workout regimen will make you motivated for sure. One of the most shocking revelations that you get to know after watching the video is that Hrithik suffered two-three slipped discs during his workout regimen. Still, he managed to reach his goal and came out as an inspiration.

For those who don’t have an idea what a slipped disc means,can read further to know about it.

What is a slipped disc? 

Every human body has a series of vertebrae (bones) in the spinal column. These bones are protected from the daily shock by discs. The shocks arise from daily life activities like twisting, walking, and lifting.

These discs consist of two parts. The inner part is the soft portion, however, the outer part is tough. Needless to say, the outer covering protects the inner one from injury or weakness. In some cases, when you do intense exercise or lift heavyweight, the outer portion breaks leading to the inner gelatinous portion of the disc jut out of the outer ring. This condition is called a slipped disc. It is also known as a prolapsed disc or herniated disc.

The slipped disc can potentially exert pressure on the nerves and muscles surrounding it causing various signs and symptoms. Some of them include pain and numbness in a certain side of the body, muscle weakness, aching and tingling sensation in the affected area, pain that worsens during the night, or after standing or walking, etc.

As far as its treatment is concerned, it depends on the level of discomfort you are going through. In case, the disc has slipped a bit, physical therapy can help. However, if the disc has shifted completely and came out of the spinal column, you will be required to go through major surgery.