Celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar has posted a video on Twitter laying down the dieting rules women belonging to various age groups should follow. Though the fad of restricting one’s calorie intake to look leaner and thinner is not gender-specific, the societal pressure to look good mostly affect women. And in a negative way.


Teenage girls should not diet, as the idea that one must look good and desirable by fasting should not be fed to young girls. This should be the last thing on their mind.

Women in their 20s should not go on any quick-fix arrangement to shed those extra calories only to look good on their wedding days. It’s not all about how you look that should matter at all. So, a sexist idea like going on a diet to dazzle the wedding day — which should not be the only most-awaited day in your life — is off the chart. Instead, women in their 20s should actually eat healthy so that their body is not deprived of any essential nutrient.

Is it actually difficult to lose weight after 30? Yes because it’s a natural process in which your body reaches its peak on bone mineral density. So, according to the nutritionist, it’s time to get involved in more physical activities like trekking, skiing, instead of going on a weight loss diet which may knock off a kilogram or two from your body.

Being 40 is great unless you think in your 40s you should look like you are in your 20s. Menopause in your 50s should not make you depressed, either.

If you are 60+, you should not even think about going on a diet. Instead, you can advise younger girls to stay away from dietary restrictions.

So yes, the answer to when you should go on a diet is simple: Never