A child with an eating disorder may be transgender, lesbian, gay, or bisexual, says a recent study published in the Journal of Adolescent Health. Eating disorder is basically a serious condition that is characterized by persistent abnormal eating behaviour, binge eating, limiting calories, self-starvation, etc. The exact cause of eating disorders is yet unknown but doctors believe that genetic and biological factors are responsible for the same.

According to the above-mentioned study, when researchers conducted a survey of 289,024 students from 223 different universities in the U.S., they found, “out of all those who participated, 268,066 students self-identified themselves as heterosexual, 5,057 as unsure, 15,422 as bisexual, lesbian or gay, and 479 as transgender.” Also, “Transgender people were more likely to report a diagnosis of an eating disorder bulimia nervosa or anorexia nervosa in the past year.”

Now that we have discussed the link between sexual orientation and eating disorders. Here we tell you about certain home remedies to deal with the latter.


This traditional Chinese medicine works on particular points in your body and improves your overall health. It can potentially help you treat an existing eating disorder, improve mental and physical health and have a good sense of control.

Body awareness therapy

Therapeutic in nature, body awareness therapy can help you become more self-aware. This is important because people with eating disorders are generally found to have reduced body and self-awareness.


Performing yoga poses daily can help you say goodbye to stress which comes in the way of clear thinking, Low-impact exercises involved in yoga helps you come in tune with your body. It can help get rid of poor eating habits, have a positive feeling and less self-objectification.